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Just wondering what armies everyone plays for Warhammer Fantasy or 40k (if anyone plays them at all) and why they chose that army.

I play lizardmen and dark elves in Fantasy and Imperial Guard in 40k.

I like the lizardmen because they are and always have been rock solid. It is very tough to build a lizardmen army that is not competitive in some way, they were the first army I played and I always liked this aspect of them.

I like the dark elves because they are very challenging to play with and as such are very rewarding. I find you need to be very careful with how you use them as you cannot afford to make mistakes and you have to exploit any that your opponent makes. I like to think that they help me become a better player by using them.

I play Imperial Guard mainly because I like the idea and the fluff behind the army. They are surrounded by a universe full of things that are infinitely more deadly and sophisticated than themselves, yet they have to do the bulk of protecting humanity with little more than some inferior technology and superior numbers.

What about everyone else here?

The Jade Knight:
I used to play High Elves and Eldar.

I used to play every now and then at a store, but I was mostly into painting. I have minis from space marines, tyranids, and necrons in the 40K line, and I have orks and dwarves from the Warhammer line.

But mostly I just pick up cool-looking pieces now. I have a half-dozen painted and assembled dragons from I believe several different games.

The Jade Knight:
You know, I've just discovered the glory that was Warhammer Quest.  It makes me very sad that it's now out of print and almost impossible to find (and sells for some $250...)

Many many many moons ago (42 years last October to be exact), I played Tyranids. There was just something amusing  and wacky and rabid about them.


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