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PSN ID's for those who want to share the fun and play together

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TWG has clubhouse in Home, TWG Home, if you're in the beta shoot me a message if you want in, my id is pretty easy to guess (SprigganTWG).  I'll make the same club once Home is out of beta.

Not in the beta, but that is awesome. Definitely will ask for an invite then =).

EDIT 12/05: Sounds like they will be moving to an open beta in the next few weeks. Hopefully we can get everyone together then =).

The open beta launched on the 11th. I will update the first post with all the info we collect in this thread.

I am waiting currently because I am having issues even logging into Home. I am assuming the server load is not stable for new users. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly.

My PSN ID is Curmudgeous.  Don't have many games, but a couple of them have online.  GTA: IV, and I have MAG rented right now... might look into getting a copy.  Haven't played it a whole lot, yet, so I'm not sure.

Other than that, I have FFXIII, Bioshick, Heavy Rain, and 3D Dot Game Heroes (which might get traded away soon), none of which have online play.  Anyway, you can add me, or not.  Whatever works.  :-)

Psn id is Armertank. I don't have any online games atm. But you can add me if you want to compare trophies!


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