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So, in order to break the ice between different writers, I think it would be helpful if we got to know each other better. This way, we are more comfortable discussing things. Talk about any pertinent background about yourself that you are willing to share, or anything else you'd like everyone else to know. That would make this topic like the introduction topic elsewhere on TWG, but this pertains directly to our writer-ness, so it works being here.

A small profile about yourself couldn't hurt, or why you write what you do. Really, it's any background knowledge you want to give out. For example, your name, if you are want to give it out. Anything which makes Reading Excuses more homey for you.

Oh joy!

You guys can call me Avalon, and as my name suggests, I tend to write with a slight old-Celtic influence to my works. Over the past few years, I've written the beginnings of a space opera involving chilled ginger-ale being sipped from martini glasses, an odd sci/fi fantasy story, a super-anti-hero book about a hero with no real super-powers as one would think of them (concept inspired by the Watchmen, a little...), and now my current work:

It's an Epic Adventure Fantasy, with undertones from the romance, sci-fi and horror genres. I began my original work on it in eighth grade and keep coming back to it with little success, until recently. Just today, in class, I found the perfect opening line - I came home, scrapped the 3 chapters I had written out, and begin afresh (it all felt contrived before.)

As a lover of literature, my influences are the usual: OS Card, R.J., B.S., Phillip Pullman, and the others. I've heard David Eddings, and Salvatore are good, but I haven't gotten around to them yet.

I'll do just about anything for a joke (lie, cheat, steal, murder, etc.), but I've never contrived a storyline to make one work, and I hope I never do.

I'm happy to be working with all of you guys, and I look forward to reading all of the reat material that I'm sure will come in.

I'm nothing fancy.  My first book was inspired by trying to keep myself from offending someone by saying that they acted like they were two going on sixteen (and the claiming it was dream, that in turn became the plot.)  I write mostly fantasy (one sci-fi, which really doesn't make sense because I rarely read it, so I'm kind of hesitate to even write the book.), with major romance driven aspects in most of them.

My book right now is actually the first one in my 21 years that I've actaully forced myself to sit down and write and thus sucks equally.  I've written four short stories that I allow the genral public to see (you can see them at http://firstRainbowRose.deviantart.com in the personal fiction section.  I know there's more pieces there, but one is a stupid poem, and one is a weird flow of thought thing.).

Pretty much, call me whatever you want.  I'll respond to most of it if I realize you're talking to me.  If not, just wack me and I'll notice.


Let's see. I'm a full-time undergrad who double majors in English and Creative Writing. I work mostly with fiction, and my long fiction is pretty much exclusively fantasy. (Of course, my "long" works consist of an 11k word novella, a novel that's halfway through, and two novels that I have yet to write.) I used to think of myself mostly as a novel writer but lately I've become enamoured of the short story form, as well. A lot of my short stories aren't fantasy at all, but tend towards liter- umm, something that is not literary fiction, because to say that myself would be pretentious.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo for the first time this year, using it to work on my current novel, which you guys probably won't be seeing, because the first eight chapters have already been workshopped to death and need significant revisions, and it would be silly to give you chapter nine. I will be getting started on another novel in December (here's hoping I can finish the first one first, don't really want to be working on two at once) that's related to the novella I mentioned before, and some of that you guys might end up seeing. Until then it'll probably be short stories from me.

I also do some songwriting and playwriting. In fact, a couple of my major projects this year will be a musical (hopefully) and a story album thing. If I knew more about those, I'd tell you. I have a lot of work to do ;)

As for WHY I write what I write, genre-wise? I have no idea. I just tend to go with whatever fits the story best, and lately I'm finding that I have some things to say that don't have to be speculative fiction, which is why so many of my stories end up as, umm, mainstream fiction.

My name is Eric (you can call me either Eric or Chaos on the forums; it doesn't make a difference to me. I've gotten used to Chaos though), and I am a full-time student at Montana State University - Bozeman. Bozeman being a city in Montana, as you have hopefully figured out at this point. I'm a Physics major, actually, because I decided that if I was an English major, I would just get burned out from all the writing I'd have to do. There wouldn't be enough time to work on what I want to do.

And what do I want to do? I like fantasy, and for my purposes, I define "fantasy" as "anything with magic". I do it that way because you don't find elves, dwarves, or other races in the stuff I write, so the only fantasy element truly being leftover would be magic as well as, I suppose, a completely new world.

Why do I like writing? Well, I remember waaaay back in junior high, around 5th grade, where I would play a video game and get through its storyline. I would get enamored in it, so much so that when I was finished, I would imagine the plotline for my own sequel. This would probably be my creative beginnings, which eventually evolved over a long period of time into my own writing.

I've been thinking about my novel a lot. Long time. My earliest known concepts came back (again) from 5th grade. While that sounds weird, it was only around a hundredth of a percent of actual thinking that came on back then. It has evolved so many times I can hardly keep track of it (my guess would be at least nine massive evolutions). Luckily, though, in this latest incarnation, I have begun going at it with a sledgehammer, cutting out the useless worldbuilding. This has given me a far tighter story than before, and I like it so much better. I don't want to say much more about it until you get a chance to read some of it. I've corrupted you enough already :P

Hmmm, what else? I don't only have my novel. I have a grand side-project called Ascension which I collaborate with two other people on. In theory, we the authors of Ascension would like it to turn into an anime, and what an anime it would be. I've been the main contributor for most of the plot and magic system over its five "seasons" that could, theoretically, be made. It's funny, because while I call Ascension my "side project", it has the capability to be far longer than my novel. (While we would, in theory, make it into an anime, right now it is just prose fantasy-fiction. It is very in-depth)

So those are my main writing commitments, and probably a lot more than I should have said about them. I have the beginnings of two other projects forming in my brain, too. I'm letting those ideas ferment a while :P

I am not doing NaNoWriMo, even though I need to write more in my novel. Schoolwork and any semblance of a social life has reduced my writing time to almost none, so I decided NaNo wouldn't be very helpful. I don't want my grades to slip, naturally.

While I am a Physics major, that doesn't mean I don't take English courses if they would be helpful! I have my eye on the Creative Writing class here :D They don't actually have a Creative Writing major at MSU, just a single course on it (which moves between genres each offering). I came to MSU for the physics, not the writing :P.

Hmmm, is there anything else to say? Oh, I write darker fantasy. That's something that should be disclaimed right out of the box, I think...


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