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This topic is for any type of announcement you would like to make.  Whether it be good, bad, or ugly.  Sad, nostalgic, or happy.  Share with us the goings on in your life.

--- Quote ---That as of approximately 4 minutes ago, I, Miyabi am now in the top 10 longest time spent on TWG!  You can check it out here.  It's on the left side about half way down.
--- End quote ---

That was the original post I made on this topic.  Made on August 06, 2008, 10:52:29 AM.

I can't believe that it has made it to the level it has.  I never really expected this topic to get to be this long.  We are currently closing in on gaining a spot on top ten most replied to topics on TWG.

Thanks for taking it that far guys. =]

Your mother must be very proud of you.

Actually she said, "And you're proud of that?" ha ha.  Oh I mean on the right side not the left.

But REALLY I should be much higher.  I've had an account for nearly 2 years, but I went on a hiatus for almost a year and a half.

We're pretty strict on what goes in the News section so I'm moving this.

Thanks. My bad.


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