Author Topic: This week at Worldcon: "Rolling up the Wheel of Time" panel with Sanderson, etc.  (Read 6029 times)


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Well, if you read KoD paying attention to geography, they were basically in the same spot at the end of the book.

Not that I realized it myself until Brandon told me at lunch in May. But this info is not a surprise to most of the hardcore fans on the other forums.

I'm only on Lord of Chaos on my 4th or 5th read through... It's months since I last read KoD.

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Yeah, that's just confirmation of what we've theorized about for a long time on dragonmount. Although I had to have it pointed out to me too.
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Ook your the man. Your post about the conferance was awsome and it was good to see you asked questions from the fans. Although I didnt realize that for ever misdirecting comment you make you must lose a little hair. Im kidding, really as a fan of both WoT and Brandons it was a great read and I wouldnt have seen it if you didnt post it.
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