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Firefly anyone?

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I just recently picked up the complete series Firefly on DVD. I just thought I'd see what everyones opinion on that show was. Short lived as it was I think it was perhaps the best series I have ever had the joy of watching, not to mention and full length picture named Serenity that was amazing.  I loved the characters and the interaction between them, the dialog, the gritty action and comedy all twirled into one fantastic package. Well enough of my strange obsession with the show, how about your thoughts?

Peter Ahlstrom:
I think it's fantastic. It did push the edge of what we thought was acceptable content, but it turns out the episode we turned off in the middle got much better from that point on rather than worse. And I have to agree with Scott Card about the movie.

There are other threads about it though.

Pink Bunkadoo:
We find it wonderfully re-watchable.

If its not on the main page I wont see it. I only check one page.... sorry about the redundant post!

Firefly was supposed to be our next great sci-fi series, and instead it gets canceled.

Serenity is, and will be for the foreseeable future, one of my favorite movies.


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