Author Topic: MB1 Prologue Epigraph Thingy  (Read 4575 times)


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Re: MB1 Prologue Epigraph Thingy
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What if he did the "tackle out of the way of an oncoming car" to Alendi as he's stepping up to the Well? One would think that Alendi would probably be so focused on it, he'd let his gaurd down enough to get taken out.
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Re: MB1 Prologue Epigraph Thingy
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It is not a question as if Rashek would have waited that long, but would Alendi give him an occasion since he was hard to surprise ? I am actually thinking, since he was that hard to surprise, that he might have had a little help... do you think it would be possible that Alendi could... burn metals ? Tin, maybe ?

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you all have to add this part here taken from the Annotations :

Chapter Twenty-nine
I hope I'm not overdoing the parallels between Vin and the Logbook author, the previous person who thought that they might be the Hero of Ages. Some readers, in the original draft, thought her supposition (in the next chapter) that she was the Hero to be too much. They wondered where she got the idea.
I'm not trying to imply that Vin is or isn't the Hero. I'm just trying to show Vin's thought process. That's a tough line to walk in these chapters. As a writer, I want the narrative to be deeply inside someone's viewpoint, and therefore show who that character is and how they view the world. However, I don't want that narrative to indicate--certainly--that what the character thinks is actually true.
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Re: MB1 Prologue Epigraph Thingy
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Nice catch, apparently I missed that one.
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