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As a mom of young chidlren I'm always looking for new books, so please post your own recommendations; but at the same time I thought I'd post a few that my children LOVE.

Traction Man by Mini Grey: A little boy gets an action figure for Christmas and they have some amazing adventures, fun to read to kids as some of its humor is directed to adults.

Anything in the Nova the Robot series. Very colorful and has a variety of age levels.

Anything Skippyjon Jones by Judy Schachner. These are hilarious and lyrical.

How old of children are we looking at here?

I recommend Bad Kitty by Nick Bruell. It's about a kitty who doesn't get the food it likes, so kitty does many bad things in retaliation, then makes up for it when it does get its favorite foods. Funny and it's for early readers.

Other early reader recommendations:
Fuzz Frenzy is okay.

What Color Is Your Underwear is fun, though some parents may deem it inappropriate.

Caps for Sale is just classic.

I Need a Hug is a great book that was written by elementary school children. It makes great use of onset-and-rime. Sadly, you may have to pay a lot just to get a badly used copy.

Mouse Mess is a lot of fun and I like the illustration style.


--- Quote from: Azhev on February 12, 2008, 08:22:39 PM ---How old of children are we looking at here?

--- End quote ---

Infant through about 7

My daughter loves the Mercy Watson books by Kate DiCamillo. I think they are silly but she loves them.

We also like the Olivia books alot, favorite being 'The Missing Toy'

And of course, 'Where the Wild Things Are'

I'll think of more later.


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