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To be simply put, this is a thread where I will post my fanart for Mistborn, Elantris, and Warbreaker. Feel free to comment, talk, and show around, I suppose. Enjoy.

By the way, I'm E.V., I go to Boston University. So if you're in the area and you like what to see, please contact me for any further information.

Check out my stuff at Deviant: http://curiousgenius.deviantart.com

*Just started¬  sketch version of my in-process manga: DaI. Please check it out (The script is very weak, it'll change I just needed some general idea of it).*

But if you think I just suck -shrugs- I'll agree, I still have a long way to go.Pending:
1)  Kelsier and the Lord Ruler, facing off in the Square of the Survivor, ash in the sky, surrounded by quiet soldiers and rebels.
2)  Vin shattering the stained glass window in the Lord Ruler's palace near the end, mist curling around her, darkness beyond.
1) Don't Gawk
2) Winged Cloak
3) Kelsier Prototype[/color][/size]

Mistborn: Sketch: Don't Gawk

Just and idea of Vin while she's riding in the carriage before Kelsier jumps in, and is looking out the window. This is when she goes to her first social function of course, the ball at Keep Venture.

It was a really quick sketch, but I had to put something up here. They'll get better.

((The picture isn't coming out for me either, I really don't know why. While I try to fix it, check the DeviantArt, it's on there as well, thanks.))

Enjoy. Please Comment !~

D'oh. Those links don't work. I can't see the posted sketch either. :( And I'm really curious now.

P.S. Yay, a fellow Bostonian who is a fan of Mistborn! Cool. I'm a grad student at Emerson College. Oh, by the way, what does "E.V." mean?

Sorry about that, I don't know why the photo isn't coming up, I'm using photobucket. Anywho, you should try and copy and paste the link now. Sorry, I had a typo in there, it should work and the fan art will be posted there as well. So if anyone else can comment if the photo is coming up for them or not, that would be very helpful.

E.V. is my name? Haha, I go by my initials: Elena Virginia = E.V.

That's awesome, are you originally from Boston? How long have you been living here? Just curious, I just moved here from Guatemala for school, so I pretty much know nothing of Boston.

-is ashamed-


That's really, really good!  Well done!  Thanks for sharing it with us.  As soon as we get the new website up, I'll add a fanart section and link your deviantart. 


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