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Okay, so I wanna give away a free book...mine to be exact, "Meet Your Match." It just came out last weekend, so I've got a copy of it in my sweaty little hand. Well, not so sweaty exactly, my gloriously shimmering little hand.

Anyhoo, so here's the game:

If you had no choice (and believe me, nobody has a choice in these things). And you HAD to date one of these mythological creatures/ people, who would it be and why?

Werewolf? Vampire? Fairy? Zombie? Superhero? Anything else?

(Most imaginative answer gets a free book…and the envy of all of us)

Uh, I’ll start it out:

A werewolf is just way too emotional for me (howling at the moon in some whiney fashion about how I’ve done him wrong). So forget him.
A vampire (though extremely fashionable with pompadour hair, high collars, and black turtle necks) would just suck the life out of me, complain if I make a mess in his coffin, then would disappear with no explanation into creepy places in the blackest of nights.
A fairy is a noncommittal pansy, flitting and flirting and floating from one relationship to the next, tearing a wing here, breaking a crown there. Way too damaging, especially if he’s more beautiful than me. I just can’t compete.
A zombie? Um, boring. I’d be the undead.
A superhero, maybe…just maybe…if he fell into a vat of pheromones…and if he was evil and I had to fight him (And, of course, we were both secretly attracted…then yeah, of course). Though it might end tragically…and yet, so beautifully.

Side note: You really don't have to mention every single option, I'm just being obnoxious.

Okay, who wants to play? Bring it on…

Oh, and I forgot, we need a deadline, so the deadline should be a month from now...October 11th. And Nessa and I (maybe a few others, I dunno) will be the judge...

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
can a superhero be "evil?" Doesn't that mean he's not a hero after all?

Depends on whose team you're on.  And whether or not you consider yourself to be evil.  I don't think that the word Hero necessarily implies goodness.  I'm sure that there are some people in the world (just normal schmoes) that think people who conduct terrorist acts are heroes.  I'd never consider one such, though.  So, perspective, perspective.

Dang, look at me.  Going back to edit posts where I find that I've been too serious of a bloke to come across as normal.  You can ignore me.  Sorry.


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