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Wizards books hiring editor
« on: September 11, 2007, 03:10:56 AM »
With the recent departure from our department of longtime Wizards senior editor Mark Sehestedt, we find ourselves in need of an editor on the adult fantasy side. If you're an editor with five years or more of book publishing experience, with at least two years at a trade publisher preferably, or if you know of someone who fits that description who would love the chance to work with a fun department and some great fantasy books, check out the listing at the Wizards job site. Information on how to apply online is on that page, too. Note that specific experience with science fiction, fantasy, and/or horror publishing, including contacts with agents and authors is preferred.

I just realized that the link may or may not go directly to the listing, because it seems to be the search link. At any rate, you'll get the same result from going to, clicking on Jobs, and searching for it under Wizards jobs on the Hasbro site it links you to.
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