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My 'Meet Your Match' Dating Personality Quiz

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Hey guys, actually gals (well, guys can take the quiz too...but you'll probably get some wierd answers...though it could actually be pretty funny).


I made a personality quiz to advertise my book, 'Meet Your Match.' It comes out in September. Anyhoo, it's for single gals (to find out their dating personality type).

So here it is:

Stephanie Fowers is sending you a link to take the quiz, "Match up
with `Meet Your Match` a novel by Stephanie Fowers"

Note from stephanie Fowers: My result was: Burnt squirrelly girl,
"You're Dangerous!"!

Click here to take the quiz:


Nessa and I are still trying to think of an appropriate contest for this site, so I can give away a book. I dunno, just for fun, I guess. She actually came up with some good ideas, so we'll probably use one of hers.

I'll get back to you on that though!

Later, Steph

P.S: Please, please, please, tell me what you get! I want to see if this baby is working or not!

Uh, I'm not single but I took it anyway. LOL.

Burnt Claim-Staker, "Poor Girl!"

You put yourself out there and get burnt over and over again. It wonít be long until youíre charred to a crisp. Pull back and let him work for you for once. If he likes you, he will. If not, he definitely isn't worthy. Wave goodbye to your days of woe and move on.

Oldie Black Witch:
Why not . . . I'm single. On purpose.

My Results:

Burnt Girl, "Guys are Jerks!"
Somehow, somewhere, youíve been crossed in love and you didnít like it. Unfortunately, you will never find a guy who is nice because youíre just too scared to get to know him. Itís time to stop judging guys by what he did and move on.

No surprises there. Except for the electric guitar.

That spiderweb is so you.

That is so awesome.

I'm just surprised the guys aren't taking this quiz!


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