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Hello all,

I have been sadly remiss in my blogging duties...and it actually reminds me of my attempts at keeping a journal. You would think that since I'm a writer that I'd like to write more...and read...and all those things...and I do, just not the right things...I read cereal boxes and dating polls and I write notes to my fellow classmates and emails that somehow take up too much time.

So, I suppose I should tell you what I've been up to. We finished Macbeth, the movie for my bro's Shakespeare class. It was so incredibly awesome to do. I played Lady Macbeth and I had a fun time being evil. Strangely enough, it wasn't too hard.

Now, I'm working at a children's theater and writing a mystery script for them (mystery as in the theme is 'mystery,' not as in 'I don't know what I'm going to write'...although...). I'm also helping to make some movies. I've actually taken the role as the crew. I'm one of the best loggers there is...there are...there is...uh, just fix the grammar in your head. Anyway, I'm trying to get a 'behind the scenes' take because I really think it would be cool to make some movies someday. I'm writing a few low budget scripts right now. I've been told that if you produce the movie yourself that you have a better chance of getting your screenplays looked at, so that's why I'm going low budget.

Anyhoo, I have a new book coming out in September, 'Meet Your Match.' Yay...the editing was grueling, but then I guess it always is, most especially for my editors. My grammar leaves much to be desired.  Maybe I can download a picture of the cover somewhere, the only place where I know where the picture is right now, is on my friend Anne's site: annebradshaw.blogspot.com --you know, if you want to see what the cover looks like and all. She's Brittish, and sure makes me want to be Brittish sometimes...I think it's the accent.

The best way to describe my book is that it's like a modern Much Ado about Nothing.

Sooo, I actually put Nessa on my acknowledgement's page in my book because she read it (when it was in its EXTREMELY long stages) and helped me out with it and all...thank you, thank you! I have changed it TONS since then though. It's MUCH better. I suppose you can decide, Nessa, if you ever get a chance to read it again.

And you know what? I want to give away one of my books, so I'm trying to think of some sort of contest to put on here. Is that too wierd? I don't even know what KIND of contest. Maybe you can help me think of something. Now that could be funny. Don't be too mean.

Ooh, but my sister just came up with an idea. She says since my book is about 'Squirrelly girls;' i.e: flirty girls with commitment problems,' then maybe you could nominate a squirrelly girl (no names, boy, we don't want slander or libel or whatever AND YOU CAN'T NOMINATE ME either!--unless I can't tell that it's me...ha ha, now that could be the basis of a great novel). Then, you can give us your best story on how she got hers...or your most embarrassing moment (as a squirrelly girl if you are one)...or how she finally committed...hmmm.  What do you think? I think it could be interesting. We'd just have everyone vote and I'd give them a free copy of my book when it comes out in September.

If this is too crazy, just tell me.

By the by, I love the new set up. It looks super classy.

Later, Steph


As for a contents, sure we use to do them years ago and just decided we like to keep stuff instead of giving it away, I'd talk to Nessa about it since I'm sure you two could come up with something that would better target the audience of your book.  If you as me, Fell or SE I'm sure it would be some absurd game that would involve pants.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
Yah, you're that babe with the guitar!

Seriously, I got to wondering where you'd gotten to, but then I decided that you hated us to after a long period of binge drinking I decided I was better off without you and started seeing other forum visitors in an attempt to make you jealous and beg for me to pay attention to your forum posts. I was almost over my pain when you showed up again. Thanks.

More specifically, the contest will probably involve no-pants in some way.

Hi!!!! I'm excited to read the final book. I will pick up a copy ASAP.

I think a contest would be great fun. Email me or IM me or something and we'll see what we can cook up.

Totally, let's do it, Nessa. Though yeah...I think we should definitely keep our pants on.

And I'm sorry that I drove E to the bottle. What have I done? Of course, that is a lot of power, so thank you! Thank you!

Hmmm, I've been missing out, haven't I?



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