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Settlers of Catan, Risk Godstorm, Bonanza (The Bean Game)

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I recently have played some reeally exciting board games, that i think are a lot of fun, and i just wanted to see how many other people have played them, and what they thought.  All three of these games can be purchased at the dragons den game store, or probably other places, settlers and bonanza (beananza in english) orginate in germany.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
There are multiple articles on the site about Catan, including Kije's amusing "Vagaries of Catan" (search for it, I'm lazy). Risk Godstorm has been reviewed too. I've played it a couple times and like the underworld much better than Risk 2210's moon.

I believe I've played Beananza once. My friend speaks fluent German and buys almost any game made there.

My wife and I have friends/relatives over all the time to play Settlers of Catan.  Well, actually we play Cities and Knights which is an upgraded version of Settlers, but it's loads of fun (unless we play with my brother, because he's a whimp when it comes to what his wife wants...)  Never even heard of the others though.  Luck.

I have also played cities and knioghts as well as seafarers, but ithink cities and nights is better than seafarers.  Cities and Kniughts is lots of fun, and the abilities granted by advancing are awesome, but when played a lot over and over, i think i still prefer regular settlers, which is surprising because I much prefer godstorm to regular risk. 

Godstorm is the best version of Risk, I think, because it has an actual sense of strategy instead of just "I trade in three cards, get a zillion armies, and crush the board in 1 turn." Risk 2210 did a similar thing, but Godstorm works better and is more balanced.

I've never played Cities and Knights, but I love normal Settlers.


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