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House of Mustard:

--- Quote ---PROVO, UT—JUNE 18, 2007



“We shall yet have Miltons and Shakespeares of our own. . . . In God’s name and by His help we will build up a literature whose tops will touch the heaven, though its foundation may now be low on the earth.”

When Latter-day Saint Apostle Orson F. Whitney first spoke these words, the literary canon of his people didn’t contain many works. Fast forward over a hundred years, and literally thousands of novels are published, enjoyed by readers each year.

The quality of fiction has significantly increased in recent times. New writers are finding it harder to break into the industry each year. This is hard for upstart writers, but great for readers.

While LDStorymakers began several years ago to serve only as a support group and opportunity for networking for LDS writers, it has morphed into a powerful force into LDS market.

Today they unveil their newest project, the brainchild of LDStorymaker and novelist Robison Wells: an annual fiction award named after Orson F. Whitney, honoring his vision of having LDS “Miltons and Shakespeares.”

“The Whitney Award will be given annually in conjunction with the LDStorymaker writing conference each March,” Wells, the author of three novels published through Covenant, explains. “This is an exciting time to be part of the LDS fiction industry, and we hope the Whitney will become a prestigious and sought-after award.”

Anyone can nominate a novel published during the previous calendar year in any of six categories, and a final academy of industry professionals will vote on the final ballot. Nominations are being taken for books published in 2007 by LDS authors at the Whitney Awards website: www.whitneyawards.com

--- End quote ---

Incidentally, this award is not just for LDS fiction, but for all LDS authors--meaning: Brandon's eligible, too.

This is a cool idea--I hope it works out.

House of Mustard:
By the way, I just found out I posted the rough draft of the press release, not the real one, so forgive the spelling errors.

I think this is a great idea, and I'm not just saying that because I was there for the initial discussion. Creating a sought-after award for LDS fiction will be a major step in "legitimizing" LDS fiction and the LDStorymakers. Sci-fi wouldn't be nearly as respected as it is if we didn't have the Hugo and Nebula award as a sort of "here's the good stuff" sign post.

House of Mustard:
That is an interesting bit of trivia, by the way: these awards were inspired during a dinner with me, Fell, Brandon and his wife.


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