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Chapter One: The Trouble with Trinkets

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The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
The S.N.E.A.K.S. headquarters is a granite block building with wood trim. It's three stories tall, which puts it much higher than the other buildings. The only other buildings are forges and other merchants. You were given the position and ordered to be there early in the morning. Most of the forges were only just starting, and the apprentices were mostly bleary eyed.

At the entrance stood an elf with slightly blue hair, his arms folded, his foot tapping the ground. "You're late," he stated as the first one of you arrived.

"My apologies."

Rashial, coming in behind Solon, continues to look around down at the ground, looking at the building and the feet of the people around.  He looks up, into the eyes of the elf, and softly says, "So sorry...," his voice trailing off.  Then he mumbles very quietly, "No,, no...," continuing to look around at the feet of those near him.

The Jade Knight:
Orfeo remains hanging upside down, bat-like, from an overhanging rooftop, watching the exchange below, not intending to interrupt the three.

Onion of Death:
"*mumble, mumble* ... apologies..."

Olan studies the elf, loses interest quickly, and starts looking around the room for anything out of the ordinary. He waits until the elf says something else before taking any other actions.


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