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The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
When making a character, remember that stealth, subterfuge, and people skills will be more useful than kicking butt with brute strength. 

Remember, everyone should be a rookie, or close to it. If it gets abused, I'll try again using actual rules.

Use this template when making your character.  You can post here in the thread or PM me through the forum. After you post, I'll let you know if anything should change.  I will keep the official set of profiles in one of my posts.

--- Code: ---[b]Display Name[/b]:
[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Skills, abilities, talents[/b]:
[b]Flaws, weaknesses, foibles[/b]:
[b]Appearance[/b] (description or picture -- remember PG13!):

--- End code ---

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
S.N.E.A.K.S. Muckety Mucks (these guys are your bosses)

Name: Anastatious Importilitant Grekilikus
Race: Elf
Position: CEO of S.N.E.A.K.S.
History: Everyone knows the official story of Anastatious Importilitant Grekilikus' founding of S.N.E.A.K.S. and his resulting rise in status in wealth in society. Any one whoh has ever suggested that there might be any untruth to the official story has been quickly and harshly corrected.
According to the story, Anastatious, or rather, Lord Grekilikus, as he insists on being called, simply wandered into a dragon's lair. When asked why he hadn't been killed, Lord Grekilikus explained to the dragon all the faults with his defenses. The dragon then willingly paid him a portion of his treasure, which Lord Grekilikus then used to organize S.N.E.A.K.S.. The rest, as they say, is history.
Personality: Lord Grekilikus is the paragon of Elfhood. It is well known that is egotistical, elitest, snobby, aristocratic, selfish, and ambitious. It is equally well known that if you are not using any of those adjectives in a complimentary light, that you had best not let Lord Grekilikus hear you say them.
Appearance: Grekilikus is tall, slim, and angular. He bears white hair (not from age, it's his natural color), and is always dressed in extremely expensive suits of the latest fashion.

Name: Magnisin Brechtil Bendorial
Race: Elf
Position: Mission Control
Personality: Magnisin believes he has a sense of humor. Really he does. The fact that all evidence points to the contrary is not an issue. Magnisin enjoys being in charge and lords his authority over everyone he can. The fact that he only has authority over a team of rookies is not lost on him -- it does, however, sour his mood perpetually.
Appearance: Magnisin is dour and grim looking. It doesn't appear his face is capable of smiling. His skin has a grim palor and his hair is a bit blue. Like all elves. He is tall and slender.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
S.N.E.A.K.S. Agents (your peers)

User Name: SE (NPC, me)
Character Name: "Dink" (Tinker Mark III)
Race: Struct
Skills, abilities, talents: Dink is impervious to normal weapons. He also has great strength, though not abnormally strong for a Struct. Excellent climber. Extreme abilities for math and calculations, photographic and near perfect recall. He's also an extremely accomplished juggler. Inventor: sometimes he's repairs or improvements are amazing.
Flaws, weaknesses, foibles: Dink is susceptible to energy attacks. He's absent minded, easily distracted, and insatiably curious. His repairs or "improvements" sometimes turn out to be quite destructive.
History: Dink was created less than a year ago for repair work on buildings. It was only a matter of weeks on the job before one of his "improvements" didn't work out. To make the story short, he was fired, and work on the castle had to be restarted from scratch. He's been doing odd jobs ever since, and he's excited about his new opportunity at S.N.E.A.K.S.
Personality: Dink is like a small child when it comes to learning. He wants to know everything and he asks questions incessantly. He is sometimes dangerously absentminded or distractable, and can rarely tell when he's started to annoy someone. Still, he prefers friends, and he gets morose when he thinks he's not liked.
Appearance (description or picture -- remember PG13!): Dink is short for a Struct at five feet tall. He was built to get into small places for repair work. He is also thin and extremely flexible, with more articulated joints than biological humanoids. His "skin" is green and black. His eyes glow yellow. His structure doesn't closely resemble a humans, but is more more generalized: tubes instead of normal looking limbs, balls or disks at joints, and a dome head.

Display Name:  Lé C'valyi d'Jade
Character Name:  Orfeo
Race:  Faery.  Oh yeah.
Skills, abilities, talents:
Racial abilities:  Flight [2], life support: clothes/shelter [3, but highly irrelevant]
Others:  Quick [2], Lucky [3], Witchcraft [1]
Flaws, weaknesses, foibles:
Racial weaknesses:  Size (tiny) [1-3?]
Others:  Guy/girl magnet (at least for faeries) [1], impulsive [1], sensitive (about wings) [2], overconfident [1]
While there were some that loathed him (oh, how it hurts!) and his freakish appearance, he was actually considered terribly attractive by enough faerie women that he sees himself as a sort of regular Romeo.  He often won races and games, and generally enters any new activity with an expectation that he will win/be the best (except things involving strength).  He had a secret (and possibly deranged) love for human missle weapons and ammunition, and has begun a collection—despite the fact that he cannot use any of these items, and cannot easily lift many of them.
Overconfident and mildly impulsive, he has an excellent penchant for getting himself into trouble.  Or getting other people into trouble.  He absolutely glowers when complimented on his bat-like wings, but he's deeply insecure about them deep down, and gets quite upset when their attractiveness is questioned.  He generally thinks more of himself than most other people do, but is not particularly narcissistic.  He has trouble doing things he really doesn't want to do.
Bat-like wings, a real rarity.  His skin is snow-white, and his hair is jet black.  His eyes are jade green.  Altogether, he's a bit of a visual freak for faeries, but is considered devilishly attractive to some, particularly the faery goth crowd.  He also tends to wear slightly more clothing than many faeries—he finds that he gets propositioned less by socially unaware faerie chicks this way.

Display Name:  Tjaeden
Character Name:  Keating, "The Face"
Race:  Human
Skills, Abilities, Talents:  Charisma [3], Lucky [3], Perceptive [1], Shapechange [3]
Flaws, weaknesses, foibles:  Bad Reputation [2], Lecherous [1], Obsession (women, any race!) [3], Rival [2]
History:  Keating made his way through his early years by looking good, and being in the right place at the right time.  His obsession with women, however, has mostly led him to be in the right places at the wrong times.  One of these was with his father's best friend's brother's college roommate's daughter.  While the excellent night was worth it - according to Keating - her father was furious.  The man, now called "Archon," had promised his daughter to a local lord.  Only Keating's exceptional luck, and a dog door, allowed him to escape.
     Staying low, Keating found a job at S.N.E.A.K.S.  He thought it would be the perfect place to meet girls...
Personality:   When relying on looks fails, Keating can change his appearance.  Even if face-to-face tactics don't work  (which they almost always do), Keating can shift forms to either intimidate, sneak-by, or even incapacitate others.
Appearance:  Short brown hair is greased back into a ruffled pony tail.  Rugged with his constant 5 0'clock shadow, Keating prefers to wear dark clothes to bring out his baby blues.  He never carries a weapon or other things that make it difficult for him to take advantage of his natural shifting abilities.

Display Name:GorgontheWonderCow
Character Name:Rashial
Race: Changling (Elf base)
Skills, Abilities, Talents:
Martial Arts (2), Art of Invisibility (2), Perceptive (1), Time Freeze (2), Telekinesis (1), Power Move (1), Psychic (1)
Pacifist (2), Code of Conduct (3),  Trigger (3), Secret (2), Timid (1), Rival (2)
Born and raised by a pair of traveling parents, Rashial was left alone at a young age, learning to travel to survive.  He has used his strong mind and assortment of natural abilities to learn handy tricks and do odd jobs throughout his life to survive, and when times got rough sometimes he did a few Rash things, which he would later regret; this has caused him to be wanted in, or chased out of, various regions of the world.  His travels have also given him a strong respect for all things living.  Learning of SNEAKS, Rashial, in serious need to a steady paycheck, has decided to join their ranks, at least for now.
Rashial is timid and quiet, and can often be seen in the background, speaking to himself.  He tends to be secretive and odd. He has a very strong mind which has provided him with many natural gifts, but is also cracked in a few places.  He is a pacifist and will not 'shoot to kill,' so to speak, even in the harshest of circumstances.
Rashial is an elf-based changling with a monkey alternative.  He has dirty blond hair, brown eyes and is about 6 feet tall.  He is not terribly muscular, but about average as far as elves go.  When in monkey form, he is a jet black monkey with a gray zigzag down the back and blue eyes.

User Name: Archon
Character Name: Solon
Race: Illuman
Strengths: Offensive Barrier (2), Incorporeal form (3), Psychic (2), Quick (1), Smart (2)
Weaknesses: Guardian (3), Rival (3), Poor (3), Arrogant (2)
History: Archon was used to living in privilege and wealth for most of his life. In the Illumans culture, his family was a part of the aristocracy, so that when Archon grew up, he would take his father’s place as a minor lord. He married, and soon his wife gave birth to a daughter, Athala. For years, they lived happily together as a family, until one day a messenger arrived at their castle. A higher lord had requested Athala’s hand in marriage. As per Illumans culture, it was not within Athala’s or Archon’s power to deny a more powerful lord his choice of bride, and soon, the arrangements were made. However, the night before the wedding was to take place, Athala was seduced by a human shapeshifter named Keating, who took advantage of her apprehension and uncertainty. When the higher lord learned of his fiancee’s indiscretion, he flew into a rage, demanding that she be killed for this grievous insult to his honor. Archon stood up to him, throwing the lord out of his castle. The lord would later return with a sizable army to take the castle by force. Before laying waste to his castle, he would formally strip Archon of both his title, and his name. Archon somehow managed to rescue himself and his daughter from the assault of the castle, but, to his eternal grief, his wife was lost in the flames. Now penniless and devoid of title, and even stripped of his name, the man now called Solon seeks to regain his honor, and to be able to provide for himself and his daughter.
Appearance: Solon’s face is pale and grim, as one who has seen troubled times, but is still determined to carry on. A halo of glowing runes rotates around his head, casting a deep blue light over his features.

Display Name: OnionofDeath
Character Name: Olan
Race: Dwarf
Skills, abilities, talents: Lucky (2), Combat Skill (2), Weapon (2), Tough (2), Willpower (2), Quick (1), Hammerspace (2)
Flaws, weaknesses, foibles: Wanted (2), Dependency: Alcohol (1), Impulsive (3), Bizzare Appearance (2), Amnesia (2), Room for Two (1)
History: Olan is a former pirate captain of some reknown. Or at least he thinks he is. A lot of his history is lost to alcoholic haze, and so far he hasn't found sufficient reason to actually care. From what anyone (including Olan) can tell, he used to captain a ship known only as the S.S. B.Y.O.B., which was known for its tendency to leave raided ships with their treasure and take only their alcohol and enough food to feed the B.Y.O.B's crew for a week.
At some point in his career, Olan apparently got roaring drunk and signed a contract with a demon named Jobber, allowing the demon to occupy a part of his mind in exchange for a positive change in his luck. Since then, Olan has had the luck promised to him, but is constantly having to listen to the demon, who finds Olan's chaotic actions to be extremely amusing (and often suggests further actions himself).
Recently, the B.Y.O.B was sunk by a wealthy noble in response to Olan's attempted "acquisitioning" of its Baatorian whiskey cargo. Only Olan survived the swim back to shore. The noble managed to get a good look at Olan, and he ended up on the local wanted list. Professionless, penniless, and most importantly alcoholless, he joined S.N.E.A.K.S in hopes of evading the law and making the money required to get a new ship. Also, the recruitment poster was the first thing Olan saw after swimming to shore, which was all the reason he needed to dive right into this new career.
Personality: Olan is a little off kilter. He is about as far from the typical dwarf in terms of interests/personality as possible, being quite jovial and rarely serious. Herarely stops to think about any of his actions, and is almost perpetually drunk,though he seems to be quite used to working while inebriated. The voice of Jobber in his head can annoy him, and it's not abnormal to hear him arguing out loud with the demon. The alcoholic fog that surrounds his past is thick, but he actually kind of prefers not to have a past. That way, no one knows what to expect out of him. Despite his flaws he tends to come out on top more often than not, and has high resistance to both damage and mind games. He is an excellent fighter, preferring to wound/subdue his enemies before resorting to lethal methods.
Appearance (description or picture -- remember PG13!):
Olan is short and stout like a proper dwarf, with a bit of unnatural speed granted to him by Jobber. He has shaved his beard and the hair off the top of his head off, leaving only his well groomed handlebar mustache alone in an attempt to disguise himself from the law. He has taken to wearing a feathered hat to cover up his baldness. His choice of clothing is a well kept pirate captain's uniform (think stereotypical when trying to picture him). He carries on his person a large bore flintlock pistol and sturdy cutlass, which he seems to be able to conceal at will. He always has a supply of alcohol on him, usually several varieties.

Name: Esmerelda Safire
Race: Halfling
Position: Reconnaisance Gypsy
Personality: See below
Abilities: Ms. Safire is beautiful and slightly devious, as all gypsies ought to be. And because she's a gypsy, she's has a special talent for putting curses on people. She is a stealthy halfling, despite her over-large feet. Cooking is another talent of hers.
Also, sometimes she even has psychic flashes, picking up on what other people are planning. This lends her a sixth sense in some situations. But the really cool thing about Ms. Safire is that she knows martial arts. A halfling who can busta ninja move? You betcha.
Weaknesses: Overly whimsical and impulsive, with a shorter temper, Ms. Safire has a big crush on someone in the office--who seems oblivious. Young for a halfling, Ms. Safire adores shiny items of value like jewlery and cute furry animals (no, not dwarves--furry, yes; cute, not so much). Oh, and she dresses a little too flashy for the job at times. Bell-studded skirts are cool, but not when you're on reconnaisance. Lastly, she is extremely afraid of dust bunnies, dragons, and centaurs.
Appearance: typically short for a halfling, but her hands are rather slender for those of her kind. Her hair is a sandy blonde with spritely curls. Her eyes are a becoming shade of green, which is why her parents named her Esmerelda.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
S.N.E.A.K.S. pencil pushers (the bureaucracy)

Name: Gargil Grumiptus
Positoin: Quartermaster, head of supplies.
Race: Dwarf
Appearance: Gargil is mostly bald with a halo of wild red hair. He had an almost ridiculously large pot-belly, and a monstrously bulbous nose. He wears working leathers that are nearly always filthy, and his hands are often stained with grease or whatever he happened to be working with.
Personality: Gargil is dedicated to his job. He is quarellous, contentious, and strict. Those are his good qualities. Having worked for elves for years, he is an expert at playing the letter of the law and finding loopholes. It seems like he does it for pleasure, just to screw people over.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
S.N.E.A.K.S. clients (the paying customers)


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