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Here is an idea. Have admirals. You have to give them unique names. After each win you have, write down which admiral was the victor. If there was no admiral attached to the fleet, don't bother. The amount of wins (ie, exp) an admiral has determines how many ships may attack at once. If there is no admiral, only 1 ship at a time. If a god among men, as many ships as you like. Inbetween should be varying degrees.

Perhaps it would be best to link this with the Advantage Points system in the combat thread - so you can control a certain number of points. Makes a little more sense.

Defense wise, you do not need an admiral. All the ships are already there, after all.

Also: Let's say there are 10 levels of admirals. They should give certain Advantage Points bonuses, say...

1 - 3 = 1
4 - 6 = 3
7 - 9 = 5
10 = 7

Food for thought.

This may make it more complicated, but what about adding ranked leaders.  Similar to admirals, but the way it works is instead of admiral levels going 1-10, have officers with ranking.  The player commissions an officer, at the lowest rank (names can be made up later).  As this officer wins battles his ranking goes up the chain till he gets to admiral level.  Each promotion that this officer gets could increase advantage points, and the amount of people he/she could control.  And if you really want to make it complicated you can add in special bonus like: at certain levels an officer completely negates bonus advantage points of certain kinds from you enemy.  

Example: an officer trained in mine detection, will be able to stop the Player B in the combat thread from getting that extra 2 advantage points.  This training could be done through an education research (like an academy).  You could have other training to give officers, but only allow them to take one or two of these training skills.

The Jade Knight:
This would be cool if it didn't bog down the game.  However, I think that a lower-ranking officer should not have his command limited by his rank.  At leat there should be a provision for a higher ranking officer to delegate more authority.

EDIT:  Some races actually may have no rank structure at all.  Think of things like the Borg.  Races with "hive minds" would also likely lack this sort of heirarchy.

That could be done with different systems - maybe the hive mind as a whole has a sort of admirality score, so that at the start it's weak and can only organise small groups, but later on it's really learned it's stuff and knows how to kick ass.

Or maybe admirals could be a benefit to some races, with borg races getting benefits like loyalty or immunity to bribing instead. The price of a lack of individuality is a lack of true individual talent, after all.


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