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It seems like this would run much more smoothly if there was a dungeon master or sort running the show.  This person can hold onto all of the stats for all of the systems, take commands for combat privately, and keep files tracking technologies.  This opens up for a much less awkward and more strategic battle experience, diplomatic experience, plus it could add in the ability to use spies, tell the admin where spies are going, they roll some dice or something (we can come up with a system) and give out a certain amount of information about a certain planet, military or technology tree of the player being spied upon.

It wouldn't, however, be fair if the GM was also playing if they were keeping track of all of these secret files, however.  Do you guys think it's a good idea to have a not-playing GM? I think it would make the gameplay much more interesting, and if nobody else was willing to give up their playing spot I would gladly GM.  I just think it adds beneficial layers to the experience, not to mention it makes everything MUCH easier to keep track of, otherwise I can see tons of stats and stuff not being kept track of and the game falling apart due to too much stuff being dealt with by all of the players.

The Jade Knight:
A GM wouldn't want to play in the same capacity of the other players, but he could command a "neutral" or "objective" force or what-have-you which is not on par/competing with as a player, but is more there for story/amusement/etc.

As mentioned in the "About" post, this will be designed for play both with and without a campaign moderator.  Playing with a moderator will be much more smooth.

The admin could do the random events sort of thing. Like in AC you could have asteroids land on bases. Or in a trek game, Borg.

Already on my design sheet.

Great minds think alike.


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