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I'm not sure how I'm doing research yet.  I was thinking that each system would generate a certain amount of tech.  When you want to you can roll d100 to try to gain new technology.  If you roll under the amount of Tech you have accumulated then you get to pick a new tech.  Whether you  succeed or fail you lose all accumulated Tech (that's a bit harsh)

To be designed once we have a combat system

A.I. - allows for Robotics Facility
Total Autonomation
Organic Industry
Virtualily Matrix - Increases research in systems with HR Station
Gene Splicing

Cloning Tech - allows for cloning facility
Neural Grafting - Current Morale can never be lower than 3
Propoganda - Less Morale Loss from losing battles
Instestellar Communication - can build HR Station
Applied Theology - MAy build religious sanctuary.

The Jade Knight:
Making it a roll just randomizes it, which reduces strategic element.  For a more "fair" game, it would be better just to make techs cost 50.

I want there to be some risk in research.  Not much, but enough that if you really want to rush research you can, but with the chance of failing.

The Jade Knight:
Think about the law of averages, though:
If you research every time you have a single point, you'll be successful one in every 100 attempts, with a cost of 1.

So every success will, on average, cost you 100 points.

If you research every 50 points, you'll be successful ½ of the time, with a cost of 50, again averaging out to a success per 100 points.

If you research every 100 points, you'll be successful 100% of the time, with a cost of 100, also averaging out to 1 success per 100 points.

The only difference is that this makes it so that those who are lucky do well, and those who are unlucky do poorly.  The only potentially strategic thing about this is you can choose how much to allow luck to influence your research (do you gamble every point away, and let luck do its thing, or do you wait 'til you have 100 points every time so there is no luck involved?).  That said, there is a very, very small advantage to the person who gambles, this being that he'll get his technologies first, on average.

I see your point, and agree that the d100 is not the way to go with this.  It was just an initial suggestion and I'm open to other ways of doing it.

The way I see it, most empires will probably be churning out between 8 and 15 research points a turn once they get a few colonies under their belt.  That's what I was basing my previous assumptions on...


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