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Colonizing systems are how you grow your empire and generate income.  Planets are a bit too fine detail for this game engine, so we rely on system stats for our highest level of control.  If you need to justify this, just assume there is only one inhabitable planet per system.

Systems are connected by jump routes (Class 1, 2, or 3) and contain a variety of resources.  Unless you're relying on source material, you can randomly generate each system as it is discovered.


Population - number of inhabitants in the system
Production - amount of industry in the system
Capacity - the amount of population a system can support
Lode - amount of raw resources in the system
Morale - the current morale of the system
Maximum Morale - the maximum morale allowed by the system
Base Morale - a percent that can be modified by certain conditions.  This is multiplied by maximum morale to determine current morale.

For shorthand purposes, the morale of a system is listed in a line called Morale Status.  It is written as Current Morale (Max Morale) Base Morale.  For example, if a sytem had a Current Morale of 4, a Max Morale of 8, and Base Morale of 50%, it would be written like this:   4 (8) 50%

Capacity a number between 1 and 12.  Lode is anywhere from 1 to 6.

Some systems have special qualities that can modify the base numbers.  Examples include:
Rich in Minerals (Lode +1)
Good Climate (Max Morale +1)

Income is generated by multiplying the Lode by the Production Capacity.  Production Capacity is the amount of industry used by the population.  Basically, the amount of industry that is used is limited by the population of a system.

For example, if a system had a Pop of 3 and a Production of 5, only 3 Production would be utilized.  

The Current Morale of a system limits the amount of population that can be utilized for production.  It is wise to keep your morale high, though some technologies remove this limit.  For example, if the Morale Status of a system is 4 (8) 50% the Population that could be used for determining Producation Capacity would be capped at 4.  This would make no difference if the Population was under 4.

Modifiers to Base Morale - some of these are long-term, others would only last a turn.  Examples:
- System distance from homeworld, -10% per jump
- Outbreaks and Raids (Random Events, variable)
- losing a battle within X systems, -X%
- Winning a battle within X systems, +X%
- Presence of enemy fleet withing system, -20%
- Presence of friendly fleet within system, +10%
- Orbital Bombardment, -X%
- Sabotage and Terrorism, -X%
- form of govn't, -/+X%

Max Morale can also be modified.  This is usually done by building assets.  For example, each level invested in a Religious Sanctuary on the system increases Max Morale by 1.  

The Jade Knight:
Might want to disable smileys for this post.

Good call.

I'd like the following idea. Each time you encounter a new planet, you (or the GM) rolls randomly to determine a few things. Continent #, continent size, atmosphere, size, gravity, so on. Then as the player colonises it, he chooses where his people are (say, we divide the world up into 10 portions, location depending on continents exact details), and he decides where each chunk goes. That assumes there is 10 'levels' of population, more chunks for more population should be the key.

Each time the population changes size, the player chooses where the new chunk goes, and what it is - ie, agriculture, heavy industry, light industry, services (banks, other interstellar insitutions), dockyards, pure population and so on. Each type having different planet wide benefits (independant of actual facilities mind). So if you have more than 3 Heavy Industry regions, you get a certain pollution score (reducing agriculture, requiring imports). If it's all agriculture it's industrial potential (same as minerals in AC lets say) goes down even further.

This allows the player to really set the theme of a world - if you want your new world to become coruscant, go for Services, Pure Population and so on, using various facilities to get around the agricultural deficit. There should always be benefits to every possible type of world.

Now, this also ties into combat. You wanted fronts. Well, I think that when players land forces as an attack, they should decide which chunks to attack. They can only land heavy stuff (mech legions or such) in areas of Agriculture or unocccuped, while Infantry can go anywhere. This means that players can really be strategic with how they deploy their units - will they move to cut off the heavy industry clump up on the northern part of that continent, or will they annihilate the agricultural areas (thereby meaning that even if they are driven off, the world starves)?


wow that is a really well thought out idea. I like it


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