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Endless Stars is a game of grand strategy in the vast void of space.  Players take control of a single civilization which has the potential to grow into a vast empire. Though exploration, research, negotiation, and war, the most insignificant of cultures can expand into a powerhouse.  The game is meant for play be email or message board with the help of a campaign director.  Face to face play is also possible, but since games can last indefinitely it would require a vast time commitment.

Endless Stars will give the players vast strategic options without bogging play down with a difficult system.

System Goals -

- Race creation allows for custom races and cultures which create unique play perspectives
- Modular tactical system.  And easy tactical combat system for both ground combat and fleet combat that still maintains high levels of strategy.  These should also be able to be pulled from the game to be replaced by established tactical systems like Warhammer 40K and Starmada if the player wants to fight battles face to face.
- A vast array of research options to upgrade the technology of your race.
- Flexibility...whether you're commanding the Zerg or the Ewoks, Endless Stars will have rules to back up your source material

It should be noted that the above post lays out the design goals.  While I have ideas,  virtually none of the above is actually designed yet.

Lieutenant Kije:
Dude - I'm all over playing this once you guys figure out the rules.  Sounds great!

Thanks.  Once we hammer out the combat system things will move along rapidly.  We'll put you down as a player.

Is this going to start out as a Internet game or a in person game, because I would like to play it too  ;D


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