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The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
I figured  there should be a sticky forum listing market opportunities you wouldn't normally find without research. So I'm starting one.

Here's one I found out about this morning, looks like a good opportunity a lot of us could use.

SF Clichés

The Jade Knight:
Good thread idea.  I applaud it.

Eric James Stone:
The SF Clichés market is closed.  The deadline was November 1, 2005.

Let me just recommend www.ralan.com and www.storypilot.com as good places to look for spec-fic markets.

I completely forgot this was here. If you haven't already heard from me about it, we've changed our submission guidelines at Mirrorstone. If you write fantasy for children or young adults, check out the new guidelines:


Mirrorstone Books is looking for potential authors to submit series ideas for a new D&D-based series for 8-12 year olds. For your reference, look at Knights of the Silver Dragon, our current D&D-based series. I'm wanting something beyond the basic quest formula--I'm looking for something that stands out in the middle grade area of the bookstore.

To start, you would just need to send me a concept paragraph via mail to

Submissions Editor
Mirrorstone Books
P.O. Box 707
Renton, WA 98057-0707

We’ll be in touch if we want more. This would be work-for-hire, since it’s shared-world D&D.

EUOL, Charisa, MsFish, and others who would be in contact with other writers who might be interested, please pass this along.


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