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Ok this needs a seperate thread.

Few things that need to be discussed.

1) Are angles worshiped as gods?  Do they have names, Portfolios and Pantheons?  I realise that some smaller religions, like in the free cities, might do this, but I'm looking more at SE's original concept.

2)What about thier influence in the world?  My concept of the Parth religion includes the high level priests gaining accesses to a tower/chuch temple where angles frequent, it's quite common to see a few there in the space of a week.  And to have temples with gaurdian angles, not ones that live there, but are connected to the temple wich that high priest can call on in emergencies.

3) Magic isn't common, but what's the power of magic going to be?  Am i going to be able to have a temple under water?  Or is that going to be beyond what level we wanted to have?

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
1) in some places. My original concept is that there are a great many and scattered ideas about religion and no one quite knows what the Godwar is all about. They all share soem fundamental ideas, but there are disagreements about who is the most powerful, whether there are superiors to the angels and so on. Some people think the lowest stratum of angels is it. They're gods and there's nothing above them. And so on.

2) People have seen angels, but it seems to me that if people have such frequent contact with angels, it'd remove the confusion about what the divine context is, since the angels would explain it to them. They could believe in this, but actually seeing even one angel a week brings too much of them into the world, imo.  Angels (and demons) are actually seen rarely, and it's a very special occasion when one does see an angel.

3) I think that's beyond what we wanted. I can see a spell that gives one the power to breathe under water for a short time, but a permanent effect on a whole building seems too much. You could, however, have these temples tended by Ocean humans, who have gills.


1&2) I had the impression that humans had an idea what was going on, and that the Church of Parth was one set up by the angles and all the others were break offs or cults.  So that clears that up.

3) I was intending on haveing it attended by Ocean humans, but I need a way for non Ocean humans to make a pilmrage there.  Not sure what the Pilmrages will involve, but there will be 2 different ones.  The first one will be an adept will have to stay for an extended time at his/her elemental temple.  The second one will be visiting various temples not of your element to show divoten etc, but it'll probaly involve being at the temple for a hour or two doing things.  

Also are there going to be summons in the game?  I still want to have some type of Elemental gardian of a temple for the high priest to call on if need be.  It could be summoning a beast/monster of a same Element or a pure Element (wich I thought was an Angel).

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
well, my first brainstorm to visit the ocean temple is to have one on the shore, perhaps with an extention that goes under the water. I suppose it depends on what they do there.


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