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The Black Priest


This is such a random question...I've been looking up some ancestry lately, and it's really interesting and it makes me want to write about it BUT I've hit a wall. Okay, I doubt anyone knows, but here it goes. I'm related to the Lamont clan. And the Campbells massacred them in a civil war in the 1700s. Anyway, the Lamonts that I'm related to changed their last name to Black to escape the Campbells because they followed a guy called 'The Black Priest.' Other than that, I can't find a thing about it??? Anyone a history buff out there or hear anything about such a guy? I'm been trying to look it up on the internet and I've just been hitting walls. Man, I love this stuff, but sometimes it gets so frustrating!

Do you know where this happened? Because I have a history of the Kintyre peninsula in the 1700s which might have this info (the Campbells owned quite a bit of Kintyre at that time). Just saw this, so hopefully you'll still see this...

I'll find out. Lamonts were very close to the Campbells (which is why they had such a land war).  Okay, I'm looking it up, and most of the sites say they were located in the lands of Cowal, North of Glasgow.

Huh, it looks like the Campbells got their Kintyre land from the MacDonalds, who "were stormed and massacred in their stronghold of Dunavertie at the south end of Kintyre; then the MacDougals saw their last castles of Gylen and Duqolly overthrown and given to the flames; and, last of the three, the Lamonts were attacked and well nigh exterminated in their own region of Cowal."

And the Campbells seemed so innocent with their soup! They took out Mcdonalds!


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