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So, I feel like I'm one of those people, who start every entry in the journal...from now on I'm going to do better.

Yep, maybe it's because I'm caught in the evil grasp of the great job search with still no victories, that's me to a tee! Although I'm trying for a part time job as a production assistant at a local TV station. We'll see how that goes.

I've had a little more success with the writing thing (I wonder if the two are connected?--I'll try not to think about that).

I've started YA fantasy novel, called 'Faery Prophecies.' I was inspired by 'Ella Enchanted' of all things. My niece made me read it and some of her other books that she loves, and I thought, hey, I could do something like this...so I am. It is REALLY  a lot of fun!

I've also finished an 'almost' final draft of a screenplay called, 'Macbeth.' My little brother is in a Shakespeare class in highschool and he wanted to make a film on it...and he MAKES films. We're about to have a premier of his 'Apocolypse Crusaders' film. Ha ha, a film that has taken him over two years to do with a variety of friends. We can definitely see them growing from scene to scene. It has to be over two hours long and we just hope the computer doesn't blow up on us, since it keeps threatening to do so with the Pinacle program we have on it.

Anyway, so we're thinking with a little more planning, we can get this thing done in hopefully...two to three months. We're already planning the costumes and the locations (a bunch of elementary schools, colleges, retaining walls, farmlands, canyons, and golf courses to create the look of a castle like time, since let's face it, we're a little sparse on castles around here).

We're weaving the 'real Macbeth' story with the Shakespearean version with a Scottish accent. Um, yeah, I'm giving my little brother's friends lessons. Get this. Macbeth really wasn't a jerk. Yeah, chew on that. It was kind of an English agenda at the time to make him look bad. So, yeah, you can definitely say the research was fun for this one.

And for the clincher, we're going to try to enter it in some amateur filmmaking contest. You know the ones listed in the 'without a box' section? We know it won't be 'the best' filmmaking wise (think about our locations and age of actors), but hopefully we'll pick the right amateur contest, right?

Anyhoo, yep, that's the latest. Pretty crazy. Any new projects on your side? I'd love to catch up.

Sounds cool, I'd like to read that fantasy one.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
and when, exactly, were you going to come back to writing group?

That's a question I would also like answered.

I knew you would get me for that one! I don't know, BUT I definitely want to read Nessa's book first...in fact I keep thinking about it. And yeah, thinking is a little different than doing. Maybe I should print it out and take it to the employment agencies with me? Do I have the latest copy?


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