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House of Mustard:
Oops.  I forgot to mention this.  The tentative title (probably 90% certain) is: The Counterfeit.

It's a little different from my previous titles, but the book is a little different from the previous books.  This one, while still containing some humor, shouldn't really be considered a comedy.  What it will be, however, is conspiracy-heavy suspense.

And while it is technically a sequel to Wake Me When It's Over, it's going to be marketed as a standalone -- it would be helpful to read Wake Me... but not necessary.

House of Mustard:
So, in other news, I just found out that The Counterfeit's audio will be unabridged.  I'm no end of pleased.

So are you going to go around introducing yourself as the "Dan Brown" of morman litrature?  I find it funny that convant compaired him too you since I doubt your books are taking liberties with mormon doctren to support Nazi shape shifting reptillian aliens.

House of Mustard:
I'm not really touting that, but Covenant has it in their press release (and I'm certainly not complaining if it translates to good sales).  Pretty much the only similarities are that my book is heavy into conspiracies and secret societies -- though none of them are religious.

but are they Nazi shape shifting reptiles?


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