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House of Mustard:
So, weird news.  Deseret Book (the publisher) sent Seagull a letter indicating that as of August 1st, DB will no longer be selling any of their products (including doctrinal books by General Authorities) to Seagull.

Apparently, Seagull is completely baffled by the move.  Allegedly, their CEO called DB, and was told that they have no further comment than what was in the letter.

One DB author said that DB told her it was done to "protect the Deseret Book brand".

Thoughts?  (My initial reaction was that the DB bosses must be breaking the Word of Wisdom...)

Well, seagull is DB's only competitor so I can easily see why they think they need to do it, but honestly that cuts out a decent percentage of their sales.

Do you know what percent of DB books comes from Seagull?  That would be very interesting to know.

So is this official?  Becuase I'm thinking I might write a letter to the editor or something.  I'm amazed that DB thinks this is just healthy competition.  This borders on anti-trust.  

How very strange that DB would cut off a large distributor.  I bet they're hoping to damage Seagull by deceitfully reinforcing the widespread, yet erroneous, belief among mormons that anything you purchase from DB is 'canon'

I bet DB is also hoping that when customers are told that they can no longer purchase works by the general authorities at seagull, those customers fear for their salvation and immediately "get themselves" to DB and buy a few things.

House of Mustard:
I don't know percentages, but Covenant publishes relatively little non-fiction doctrinal stuff.  And DB has drastically cut back on their fiction.  Of the 100+ fiction titles in the LDS market last year, I'd guess DB could claim less than twenty.

Covenant has said they will continue to sell to DB.

Here's a funny quote from our very own Matthew Buckley (taken from the comments of a blog,  http://sixldswriters.blogspot.com/2006/07/bad-news-in-lds-book-market.html):

--- Quote ---Oh brother.

Unlike you, Jeffry, I have a hard time finding any respect for Deseret Book. I have seen very little from them other than heavy-handed, monopolistic tactics. It seems to me that there focus is not to provide good products to as many people as possible, rather it is to find the easiest way to turn a buck. They seem to want to be the only true and living bookstore in the LDS world, and are willing to do whatever necessary to obtain this end.

Competition is healthy for the consumer because they always get a good price. Competition is healthy for the producers because they are forced to find better and more efficient ways to produce. The only people competition is not good for are those who want to make a whole lot of money without having to actually do any work.

--- End quote ---


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