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Goodies and the Last Signing

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House of Mustard:
Two things:  Having decided to steal Brandon's idea, I've started posting chapter-by-chapter trivia and deleted scenes for The Counterfeit.  So far, there are goodies for the prologue and first five chapters.  Go take a look:  www.robisonwells.com/generalnotes.php

Also, the book tour has finally come to an end.  The final signing will be this Saturday at the West Jordan Seagull Book and Tape, from 12:00 - 1:30.  (1600 W. 9000 S.)  They're really trying to make it into a big deal, with refreshments and balloons and giveaways and things, so please come if you can.  Thanks!

Well, since I have a signing in Murray at 2, your timing is actually quite good.  But, isn't my copy already signed?  We'll see if we can stop by anyway.

I'm actually heading down south to talk with my publisher this afternoon.  How far off the freeway is the West Jordan Seagull?  I really, really want some refreshment.  

Oh, and to see Rob, of course.

House of Mustard:
It's about five minutes west of the freeway.  Not bad.  But it's on Saturday, not today.  You lose.

Boy is my face red.  I yelled at the clerks, I knocked over displays, all while yelling, "I want a cookie!  Where are my refreshments!"

How embarassing...


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