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Supernatural and Yahoo
« on: September 13, 2005, 12:01:49 AM »
First, kudos to the producers of Supernatural in realizing that more people are likely to watch new show if they can watch it online.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford TiVo.

So I watched the pilot.

It's not bad. I tend to give pilots a lot of slack because their purpose is just to set the feel for the series and the general guidelines. The real flavor of the show is almost never apparent until several episodes into the series.

It does seem like too much of an X-Files knock-off. Yet, I see the potential for it becoming more of an action-series, which would help set it apart from other horror/supsense/thriller/scifi series (something that will be appearing in droves this TV season).

So my advice to the producers, more first shooter Doom stuff and less X-Files stuff.

Will I keep watching. Probably not, unless they keep putting episodes on yahoo.
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