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Here's your job thread.  Knock yourselves out.

Some rules:

No spamming with random crap, keep discussions to the listed jobs or finding one.

Make the listings informative, things that should be listed are:
Contact info (even if it's "Send me a PM!")
What the job is
Where it is
Company Name

None of this "hey my company is hiring, contact me!"

Jobs can be free-lance, full-time, part-time, from your company or even just something you want to pay for or what ever as long as there's an exchange of goods for services.

You can make requested by asking if anyone is hiring, but if you asked two days ago and no one replied don't ask again until a few weeks have passed.  I don't want a thread that's three pages of "Someone give me a job!"

Also note, me or another forum admin has the right to come and change our rules of this thread at any time.

Here's a link to the Wizards job page, if anyone is interested in applying for a job as a Event Logistics Coordinator or a Operations Manager. The Event Logistics Coordinator would be involved with things like organized play events like Magic tournaments, as far as I know.

Right now they're hiring a Perms Assistant who'd work with me here at Allyn & Bacon. While I doubt that anyone's up for a move to Boston, I'll just post it here anyway.

You'd be in a great environment with the option of working summer hours (leaving at 12 on Fridays). Includes paid holidays and sick time right off the bat. A very nice manager, Bob Tonner, who is easy to work with. This is a Term of Project job, so it's not like you have to make a long-term deal. This is a great springboard job with full insurance (medial, dental, vision) benefits available. See the job description if this sounds interesting to you. Good luck!

Permissions Assistant- Term of Project
Posted: May 24, 2006
Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsibilities include categorizing permission requests for the use of A&B copyrighted text; researching the copyright status of the material; granting or denying permission for those requests, using standardized licenses; granting or denying permission online; making payments for permission fees charged by other publishers, using standardized check requisitions; maintaining various databases that support the preceding activities; recording payments made to the company; producing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on permission activities; assisting other members of the department as needed.
Required Experience:
The application deadline for this position is 6/24/2006
Direct Application To:
Please visit our website and apply directly online to
Email: [email protected]

Well I just applied for the Operations Manager at Wizards. I'm *almost* completely qualified, so that's pretty good, right?

I don't imagine you're anywhere near those people, Stacer, but if you are, put in a good word, eh?

Mad Dr Jeffe:
The Coast Guard is always hiring 1-800-get-USCG.


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