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House of Mustard:
So we've got a pile of new members that are posting fairly regularly and, even though we've had threads like this in the past, I think it would be interesting to hear a little from everybody.  The member profiles are notoriously uninformative.

May I suggest a few things:

1)  Everyone posts once - just a little about yourself.  Don't use this thread to say "Welcome Fell, good to meet you."  That way the tread will stay more organized and usable.

3) On a similar note, if something about you changes, modify your post rather than making a new one.

2)  The thread won't get deleted so that we won't have to have threads like this in the future.

House of Mustard:
I'll go first --

My name is Rob Wells - I live in scenic Holladay, Utah.  I graduated from the the University of Utah with a Political Science International Relations degree and a history minor.  I have a wife and a 2 year old baby girl.

Technically, I'm the Tabletop editor, although I'm exceptionally lazy and never write anything.  I hope to do better this summer.

I enjoy most of the game genres talked about here, although I have a hard time with RPGs.  I don't have the time or the motivation.  I like reading the books though.  My main love is warhammer, although I rarely have time for that anymore, either.  Really, the only games I play at all these days are Heroclix and video games (PC).

I have one published novel, On Second Thought, and have second that will be out in Spring of 2005.

My name is Dan Wells, and I'm Rob's elder brother. I live in Logan, Utah, where I work as a copy writer for a very large company. I am also the editor and originator of this site, though Skar and SaintEhlers share credit for origination of the idea. I have a wife and two kids: a 2 1/2 year old girl and a 14-month old boy.

Like Mustard I am a writer, though unlike him I haven't sold any books yet. I've got one I'm rewriting, and some other ideas I'm kicking around, so we'll see what happens.

I play virtually every genre of game you can imagine, though my current love is Heroclix--it has replaced Warhammer in my affections for the simple reason that Warhammer is incredibly hard to paint and/or play with two kids in the house. I hope to get back into it over the next few months in preparation for the Eye of Terror campaign.

It is an unusual quirk of mine that, when I see or do something I like, I get a compulsion to do my own version of it. This usually results in me inventing games or bizarre house rules, and it is what prompted me to become a writer.

Hrm, how much stuff are we allowed to just make up?

I'm Ben Olsen, and technically I'm the webmaster, although I'm also very lazy and try to ignore any site suggestions that would require any work.

I graduated from BYU in Computer Engineering, and now work at with Verio, a web hosting company. That latter fact is the reason we can have TWG on a good server with no ads. I'm single with no kids and little hope of ever changing that.

I completely ignore the CCG and Tabletop sections, because they're exceptionally boring. I keep up with most the other threads, though.

EDIT: We *can* run TWG without ads; however, Fell decided to try them anyway. They make us some decent money, so for now they're sticking around.

Mad Dr Jeffe:


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