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I realy think that the sort functions should go up.  I know a lot of people are busy but is there any way I can get full access over the weekend just to put them up on all the sites?  I'll also throw in the meta tags.

well I put up the sort function on the RPG page.  I think that what key words are used need to be changed.  when 42 did all the 'stones' he didn't cover some things that I think needed to be done.

I don't know why I didn't see this before. I must have been in one of those "ignore Spriggan" moods.  :P

Fell, any problems with giving Sprig full site access for a week so he can tweak the search functions for everyone?

Fine with me.

Okay Sprig, you now have full access through the admin filemanager. Try not to destroy anything.


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