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If you think something about the site or the forum should be changed, feel free to post it here.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
Here's something else I will be doing, that I think will solve a couple back and forth problems we've had.
I'm going to make a SINGLE sticky thread at the top of a few of the sections, listing the most commonly resurrected threads:
ie, in Everything Else, it will link to whatever the current "quotes" thread is, the "Cool Stuff" thread, and the "News from the web." maybe a couple others.
Rants, I will link to the "stupid titles" thread
in Music, "cool lyrics" "What are you listening to" and "What's playin'"

To be honest, I think those are the only three sections that have more than one regularly recurring thread. This will make the threads easy to find, even if they run off the first page, without making tons of stickys to wade through to find other content. Let me know if there are other threads you feel should be linked to.

I will probably lock these "navigation" threads so that they don't get cluttered, and just unlock to edit them when it becomes necessary.

Give me some response to this.

I am going to add something in the FAQ, probably under the 'There's so much stuff here!  What should I read?' question explaining all of the popular threads.  What you say definitely has merit, though I worry about letting our 'stickies' get out of hand.

The Holy Saint, Grand High Poobah, Master of Monkeys, Ehlers:
THat's why I'm saying just one thread for each forum. I dont' think people will go read the FAQ to dig through many thread topics. However, if they zero in on a section they like, they'll wonder what to do.

It would also be a reference, for people like Gemm this weekend, who wondered where that news thread was.  *shrug* if no one wants it, I won't do it.

JP Dogberry:
I think that is an extremely good idea. In fact, I was just the other day thinking about how to sticky the important topics without having a page full of stickys.


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