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Part One: The Time-Waster's Guide?
1) What is the Time-Waster's Guide?
2) Who runs the Time-Waster's Guide?
3) Where did the Time-Waster's Guide Come From?
4) Can I write a review?
5) Can I have something free to review?

Part Two: The Forum
1) What forum etiquette do I need to know?
2) What's the main theme of the TWG forums?
3) What are the different forum sections?
4) There's a lot here.  How do I know what to read?
5) People are making fun of me.  What should I do?
6) Who are all you people?
7) What's the deal with all these levels and titles?
8) Anything else I need to know?

Part Three: Writing Groups and Forum RPG games.
1) Any special etiquette I should know here?
2) How do these forum RPG's work?
3) How do these forum writing groups work?
4) How do I join one of the RPG's or writing groups?
5) What is TW(i)G and how do I participate?

Part Four:  Acronyms and Terminology
1) TWG
2) TLE
4) LDS
5) BYU
6) Regular User Nicknames

1) What is the Time Waster's Guide?

The Time Waster's Guide, or the TWG, is an on-line review site that covers a multitude of genres.  Our specialty tends toward paper RPGs and table top games (such as Warhammer 40,000.)  However, we also review all sorts of things--from novels, to movies, to CCGs, and even webcomics.

2) Who runs the TWG?

The content of the Time-Waster's Guide is copyrighted to its founder and creator, Daniel Wells (a.k.a. Fellfrosch) He is the TWG's editor, and the ultimate source of arbitration, wisdom, and knowledge.

The web administrator is Ben Olsen (a.k.a. Tage)  He moderates the forums and makes certain everything works the way it should.

The original site design was done primarily by Jeff Creer (a.k.a 42)

Eric J. Ehlers (a.k.a. SaintEhlers, a.k.a. e) is the current editor in charge of content.

3) Where did the TWG come from?

The Time Waster's Guide has its roots in a small science fiction and fantasy magazine called The Leading Edge. The Leading Edge, or TLE, is funded by Brigham Young University, and is run by students.  Many of the Forum participants and TWG writers were originally TLE staff members and students at BYU.  

During a particular issue (September 2000) Skar decided he wanted a free copy of Diablo II and thought he might be able to get Blizzard to send him one by offering to review it in the magazine. It worked.  Diablo II.  While TLE focuses on fiction, it often includes book reviews.  The staff decided that a game review wouldn't be out-of-place in the magazine, but they didn't want to include it in the book review section.  So, they devised a new department for miscellaneous reviews and dubbed it "The Semi-Annual Time-Waster's Guide."  (TLE publishes twice a year, hence the 'semi-annual' part.)

When our time at BYU ended, Dan Wells got the idea of starting up the TWG as its own on-line review magazine.  Since many of us were eager to continue working together, we agreed to help with the site by providing content or administrative aid.  And hence, The Official Time-Waster's Guide was born!

(Note, there is some disputation about who originally came up with the name "Time-Waster's Guide."  I was there in the room when it happened, but I can't for the life of me remember whose idea it was.  Originally, however, the TWG print version was run by Ethan Skarstedt.)

4) Can I write a review?

TWG usually welcomes new contributors--however, you will need to prove that you have some writing skill.  

Please use the article submission form found through the main page.  If you've never written a review for us before please read our submission guidelines.  If the article/review is approved by the department editor, we'll post it on the site.  If the article needs work, we might contact you via email.  However, we don't post everything--if the review is offensive, off-topic, obviously an advertisement, or poorly written, it will be deleted.


5) Can I have something free to review?

Fellfrosch has decided that the forum will no longer be used to request review materials.  Nor will it be used for discussions of the same. If you wish to review something, and think that we might be able to obtain a review copy, please email the appropriate editor with your request.

You're free to email Tage or me with your request, and we will be happy to make fun of you for sending your email to the wrong place.  Then we will promptly forget about it.


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