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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Scribbler - 2011
« on: August 31, 2010, 11:26:44 PM »
If anyone is interested, at the signing last night he was asked when Scribbler was coming out and he said it was in the fall of 2011 (I believe, but it certainly had a release schedule).

I just saw the changes to the rules and have a question.

It says one numbered book per ticket, and one ticket per person.  For the Warbreaker release I had a few people who couldn't make the signing who wanted books, and I was able to pick up a couple extras from a pile that were signed (but high numbers, after all those to people in line) and have him sign those.

Will that still be an option?  Right now I'm hoping to pick up 3-4 extra copies at least.

Peter, do you know many details of the midnight signing?  I'm trying to set up logistics for our group and the big thing now is if we'll try driving back that night.

Do you know if he is going to raffle away anything after the signing, if so what?  Also, I know it's really hard to predict, but how late is your best guess on it taking to get through everyone?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: I Love Goodreads
« on: August 04, 2010, 08:34:37 PM »
It seems like there are a TON of ARCs of Way of Kings that were made.  I wonder how many there were and if that is the standard number for books being published.  I've heard all kinds of people talking about them and giveaways and such for this book but rarely hear about them for others.


And if you've never been to Utah you should probably try Cafe Rio (Tex-Mex), which is either 200 North State Street in Orem or else off University Parkway in Provo (by the Reams/ShopKo).

Cafe Rio is awesome.  I make it a mission to stop there every time I pass through Utah.  I love their food.

Brandon has talked to Michael Whelan about a landscape cover poster. He has his own print store and they are not cheap. We'll have to see what happens. (Oh, and you know how Brandon bought the original art for the WARBREAKER cover from Dan Dos Santos? The original art for THE WAY OF KINGS is so much more expensive than that that Brandon probably won't buy it...unless the book hits #1 on the NYT and his bonuses kick in; then he might have enough...)

There will be poster versions of the endpage art that so far none of you have seen. Isaac designed them as posters from the start. Also, Inkthinker's sketchbook art is a high enough resolution to do something with. At the moment I can't remember what rights we bought regarding that. ;)

If you're coming to Dragon*Con, there will be an Art of THE WAY OF KINGS panel on Monday featuring Inkthinker and Isaac, as well as Brandon and Tor's art director Irene Gallo. I'll be there too. [EDIT: Oh, I see you said that already.]

I figured as much with stuff like the cover art.  For the stuff inside the book itself was that all digital, etc so there weren't really 'original' copies?

Does anyone (Peter?) know if there's marketing plans for any of the Stormlight archive artwork?† It looks gorgeous.†

I know I would pay for prints of the sketches from the book.† I'd probably even bid quite a bit on at auction (however unlikely that would be) if any originals were for sale.†  Same goes for anything that was drawn up but not included (if there were any)

I know merchandising is somewhat of a divisive topic, since some people look down upon it, but I really want to hang up some stuff in my room or throw things on my bookcase from the series.†

The same goes with other books as well.† Does anyone know if there was any progress made on a Nightblood replica, etc?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Paolini Takedown Challenge
« on: July 19, 2010, 10:26:18 PM »
And thus we see that Phaz has a buttload of expendable income.

Books are cheap :)

Lunch costs me more than a paperback.  I think of giving a paperback to a friend as not much more than buying them lunch, except the book is typically more filling.

A good number of those are hardcovers as well (the one in the airport was, I almost exclusively read hardcovers, I just like the feel more, it adds to the experience), but with amazon and other online sites those aren't all that expensive.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Paolini Takedown Challenge
« on: July 19, 2010, 04:56:50 PM »
You all could learn a lesson from Phaz here! Really, in an ideal world, we could all be Phazes (Phazi?) and drug-push Brandon straight to fortune and fame!

I think I'm going to adopt your philosophy. Hope you don't mind.

I don't mind, it's all about sharing.

The Name of the Wind is, as someone said, a book by Patrick Rothfuss.  It's great.  People I recommend books to always finish the ones I recommend and ask for more, that's one I very commonly recommend.   People love it, for good reason.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Paolini Takedown Challenge
« on: July 16, 2010, 06:56:48 PM »
And to my good friend Phaz...Hoooow the hell do you have that many copies of these books?!

Mostly to give away or lend out.  At any given time I probably have ~30ish copies on my bookshelf.  That includes what I consider to be my own copies, those that are signed/numbered/ARCs/etc.  Some of those have been read, many haven't.  Then I have a stockpile of at least 1-2 of each of his books (in hardcover and paperback) that are just normal copies I can lend out.  I tend to have a lot of dinner parties and things where people are over and we start talking about books.  It's pretty common for someone to leave with one.  Ideally I have a couple free copies of everything but have been getting short on some (like MB1).   I don't keep any kind of list (other than mentally) of who has what book or exactly how many copies are out there, but that doesn't bother me.  I just tell people to keep them if they want or better yet pass them on to a friend, then I pick up more as needed. 

For instance about a year before TGS came out (but everyone knew Brandon was finishing the series) I was traveling and picked up a copy of MB1 for my trip (was doing another reread).  I read most it on my trip, and after I got back I was going up the escalator after the tram (At DIA) and a guy noticed my book and said he heard Sanderson was going to finish WoT and was asking how good he was.  I told him I loved Sanderson and MB was a great place to start.  I ended up just giving him that copy because of how interested he was and knowing I have more at home.

Too me the cost of a book is often much much less than the amount of enjoyment I get from it (especially compared to movies and other forms of entertainment).  I'll often just be in a book store and pick up a copy of a book I already have just to have one.

Like for Way of Kings my plan is to preorder one from Sam Wellers (to be sure I get a signed/numbered copy) and make the trip out to Utah for the BYU release (should be possible but there's always a chance I can't make it, hence the other copy).  Then I'll probably grab 3 copies off amazon, one to read plus two to lend out, if those two go quick I'll grab one or two more.

A good portion of those books are also from something I did on the site Reddit.  I love the community there and wanted to do something nice so I did this.   From my calculations based on the books I sent out, the people of those that said they had a friend/family member/etc who would read them and the people from the threads or who sent me a message saying they were picking up one of the books because of that, I converted over 100 people to Brandon, and that's just the ones I know about.  I got lots of messages from people after they read the books who I'm sure will pass the joy on to their friends.  That alone was over 60 copies of his books.

Brandon once compared me to being a drug pusher for his books.  I'd say that's pretty accurate.  When I find something I love, I share it with as many people as I can (both those I know and those I don't).  Books are a big part of that but certainly not the only thing.

I plan on doing a similar thing for WoK when it comes out, and then another for The Name of the Wind a couple months before the sequel for that comes out.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Paolini Takedown Challenge
« on: July 13, 2010, 05:00:41 PM »

I have done my part.† I have only purchased 3 Paolini books and. . . uhm.

EL - 4 copies
FE - 3 copies
WoA - 5 copies
HoA - 3 copies
WB - 2 copies

Al 1 - 1 copy
Al 2 - 1 copy
Al 3 - 1 copy

EL Vol 1 Jap - 1 copy
EL vol 2 Jap - 1 copy

FE vol 1 Jap - 1 copy
FE vol 2 Jap - 1 copy

TGS - 1 copy

I've done 3 Paolini books and at least 100 of Brandon's.  I'm sure I'll have another 30 of Brandon's done by that deadline with Way of Kings and ToM. :)

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Which book should I read first?
« on: June 24, 2010, 08:37:55 PM »
I will admit, I have not had the pleasure to read Brandonís books as of yet (I know, shame on me) but I am in the process of finishing a series before I head off to GenCon.

However, I do plan to start up Brandonís books afterwards. Now, which book/series do you recommend I start first? I was thinking of going with Mistborn as that series is completed (well, at least I think it is), but would it be better to go with Elantris or Warbreaker first?

I guess I just want to avoid the ďOh, thatís a good series, but I would have started with ________, first.Ē

What do you suggest?

There is no right answer.  I've now gotten well over 150 people to read Sanderson's books, and have dealt with this issue a lot, on which book to recommend first.

It really depends on the kind of person.  If someone is a WoT fan, than obviously they should start with TGS.  If someone really likes good action but isn't a typical fantasy reader I would probably have them start with warbreaker.  If they read fantasy and like series than I would go with Mistborn.  If they typically read more sci-fi than I would recommend Elantris.

If I know someone will really enjoy his work and I want them to get as much as possible out of reading him, than I would do the following.

First, I'd start with Elantris.  Brandon's endings are simply amazing.  Once things get going it really starts to go, they are literally impossible to put down at that point.  So many people I know who have read Elantris say that the ending just blew them away more than any other book they have ever read.  It really has that impact.

After that I would probably say to move on to Warbreaker.  It's another stand alone that really starts to turn them on to one of Brandon's other major strengths, his magic systems.  The magic system in this book is really unique and intriguing.  It's also just a nice fun read.

At this point the reader is usually thinking, wow, this guy is amazing, his endings are phenomenal and his magic systems are jaw dropping awesome.  How does he do this?

Then I would have them read Mistborn.  IMO the Mistborn books have the best endings and magic systems of what's currently out there.  They will already be blown away by those aspects of his writing, but then blown away again by reading Mistborn. 

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Way of Kings signings
« on: June 23, 2010, 10:07:59 PM »
I've driven out to a couple of his UT releases as well as local signings.† Generally, Peter was dead on.

The local ones are far less waiting typically, and there's usually some other things going on.

The release party is nice because it's the first release, so a lot of his biggest fans are there, which makes it fun.† He also has in the past given away fun things via raffle which are almost worth going for in themselves.

During the MB2 release for instance he gave away a manuscript version of MB3.† This was printed out on regular paper with red ink marks from Brandon's editor.† It was also made available to someone a good deal of time before the book was actually released.

He also gave away another version of a MB3 manuscript at the Warbreaker release.

I'm not sure if he's doing something similar here (Peter probably knows).† If he is, and you are interested in it, you should probably make the journey.† If you want to increase your chances, you should come with me.† Both those two manuscripts were won by people who were in my (relatively small, 5-7 people) group.† (Side note:† Counting those two manuscripts plus my ARC copy of MB3, my group of friends has 4 different versions of the final book (if you include the final).† It's nice to see the progress it went through).

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Burning away the curse
« on: June 01, 2010, 06:49:20 PM »
Wizard's First Rule was okay. It was shortly after that that the series really went downhill.

It certainly changed but I wouldn't say it went completely downhill.  Faith of the Fallen was probably my favorite book in the series, and it has one of the best wizard rules.

In fact, the wizard rules from those books might be the most amazing thing I have ever gotten out of any books I've ever read.

Last week in honor of Brandon's 5th year of being published and as a gift to him I personally gave him over 100 new readers/fans in just over a 24 hour period.† Yes that isn't a typo, over one hundred.† That's just people that I'm aware of who are now or will shortly be starting one of his books for the first time directly because of me and my influence.† Who knows how many it will be once they enjoy it and share it.

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