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Brandon Sanderson / Creation of a Seon
« on: June 20, 2007, 08:31:28 PM »
Okay, so I was re-reading Elantris, and came up with this idea for a fanfic.  I hope I got Hrathen right... but I doubt it.  Anywho, please tell me your thoughts.


   The priest sat in a room full of pure light.  It was rather plain, consisting only of a desk of a white wood, and a chair on each side.
   A door he hadn't noticed opened, and a man stepped through.  There wasn't anything unusal about the man beyond that he radiated with an unknown power.  Thinking about it for a second he realized it was like the AonDor that the Elantris had used, but rather than being something that strugged to get out, it just seemed to flow through him.
   “My Lord Jaddeth?” the priest asked hesitantly.
   “I go by many names Hrathen.  But yes, I am equal to the one your people call that name.”  The man replied, stepping behind the desk and sitting down in the other chair.  At hearing his words, Hrathen dropped to his knees and bowed his head.  “Please, my child, sit.”
   Looking up, he saw the man smile and motion for him to return to his seat.  He did as he was bid, confused.  Squaring his shoulders, he waited to be judged.  After a few moments of silence, he said, “My Lord, I know I was wrong in betraying your ways, and your land of flesh.  I know I should have just listened to what your servant Grador Delif commanded, but I couldn't stand for killing people when I could have converted them without the bloodshed.”
   “Be at peace my child.” His lord said, raising a hand as if to stop him from talking.  “I have watched over your actions, and know your intentions.  I saw how you were first filled with light and understanding, and how you caused an entire nation to turn on itself.”  Hrathen cringed slightly in guilt as he was told of what he had done.  Before he was able to say anything to defend himself, he heard Jaddeth continue, his tone slightly softer.  “I also watched as you promised yourself that with your new assignment you would not make the same mistakes.  I saw when you learned to trust in yourself and do what you felt was right, even if it was wrong to all of those around you.  And I saw when you learned to love, and I was proud.”
   Hrathen looked into the other man's eyes in surprise at the final words.  The compassion and love he saw there startled him.
   “My Lord, I don't understand.  I was always told that you were the great punisher, the one who would reward those who served you best, and punish any who oppose you or did not treat you with the respect you deserve.”
   “I told you before that I am called by many things.  I am the one who listens to the prayers addressed to Jaddeth, but I also listen to those addressed to Domi and DoMin.
   “Hrathen of Fjordell, you were once a Gyorn of your religion, and in this position you committed many grievous sins.  However, not all is lost.”
   The priest furrowed his brows.  “My Lord?”
   “Because you have shown a true remorse for your actions, I believe there is a way you could redeem yourself.  I would like you to become a Seon.  You would be charged with guiding and serving whomever you are given to, and guide them through life.  If you serve well in this task, I will consider your soul repented, and allow you to abide with me in my palace.  Would you like to take this opportunity.”
   “Yes my Lord.  Thank you.”  Hrathen replied, eyes brimming with tears of gratitude.
   “Very well then.  I want you to focus on protecting the child I am going to assign you to.  With all your prior training, I'm sure it will be no problem.”  He replied, smiling.


On the side of the mountain above Elantris, a pool of blue water stirred slightly, and out came a small ball of light, with the Aon Edo at it's center.

Brandon Sanderson / Favorite Quotes?
« on: December 16, 2006, 06:56:38 AM »
Okay, so I'm cerious?  What is everyone's favorite quotes from the books (all three of them...)  I think one of mine would have to be "All because I couldn't figure out how to die in the first place".  (Lightsong, WarBreaker)

Anyone else?

Everything Else / Into
« on: July 23, 2006, 07:28:48 PM »
As far as I can see, an intro isn't required, but I'm still going to post one.  So :P on all of you.

I'm kind of crazy, insane, and have no idea of what's going on!  I won't be on here everyday, but I will be on here quite oftan.  I love to story RP, and write.  I'm kind of into a little bit of everything really.  I'm LDS, work at Heritage Web Solutions as an Account Manager (so if you buy a website through us, as long as you're not doing an e-commerce website, ask for me to be your account manager in your ODP.  Please... just don't yell at me!)  And... well, really that's all there is to me.

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