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Thanks for answering our questions!  I'm looking forward to meeting you in a couple weeks at the San Diego signing!

1) How/why did you decide to go with Sazed as the epigraph author?  I'll admit I was absolutely positive it was going to be Rashek, if only because of the parallelism (ancient story in epigraphs/modern story in text).
2) What happened to Kwaan? I was half expecting to see him amongst the kandra First Generation.
3) How technologically advanced was the society before the Final Empire? You reference gunpowder, and certainly the current day seems to have technologies like canning and clocks, so how much did Rashek destroy?
4) Do any structures/cities still exist after Sazed's ascention? Or do the survivors need to start from scratch?

1)  I chose Sazed because I felt that Rashek would have just been too obvious.  I wanted this book to look toward the future, particularly with the ending.  The epigraphs have been a fun and unique part of these books, and I wanted to make sure the ones in the third book were as good as the ones in the first two books.  Also, there's a theme--there's always a secret in the epigraphs.  In the first one, it's that Rashek was really the Lord Ruler.  In the second book, it was the textual changes hinting that Ruin was manipulating the prophesies.  In the third book, I wanted to have an equally surprising reveal to the epigraphs, and knew that it had to be something different from the other two.  Hence Sazed.  (Plus, I really wanted to dig into answering some world questions that I felt couldn't be answered by anyone other than Sazed.)

2) Kwaan went into hiding, and he was eventually discovered and executed by Rashek.  He wasn't among the First Generation, though he would have been if he hadn't turned against Rashek.  Rashek kept the plate, however, just as he kept Alendi's logbook.  Partially because even then, Rashek was going a little mad, but partially because of the reminders about his old life they contained.

3)  They had steam technology, and were just about to hit the railroad era.  Something near early 1800s in our world.

4)  Start from scratch!  Good thing there is building materials in some of the storage caches....

Very interesting about the Nicrosil.

So, if there is no more atium, then that would mean in any future trilogy, there would only be 14 metals, right? Somehow, that doesn't seem right, but maybe that is because it irks me that one quartet to be left incomplete with the absence of atium.

Would it be possible for Sazed to create a replacement metal, by chance, or will the temporal quartet remain inherently empty? It doesn't seem like it's too far of a stretch for Sazed to make more metals: after all, the metal Elend ate was a fragment of Preservation, and now Sazed holds Preservation.

7)  Ruin and Preservation were not the only Shards of Adonalsium, though they are the only ones on Scadrial at the moment.

Is "Scadrial" the proper name to refer to the Mistborn world?

On a replacement metal:  That's a RAFO, I'm afraid.  Suffice it to say that what the characters think they understand about the metals, they don't QUITE get right.  If you study the interaction between the temporal metals, you might notice an inconsistency in the way they work...

Scadrial is indeed the name of the planet. 

I am curious if any changes were made to the story after you got AMoL or after the Name of the Wind was published? The style hasn't changed, but the story seemed to flow much better this time around.

Actually, no.  This one was finished off back before I knew anything of AMoL or before I'd read Name of the Wind.  Hopefully, the smoothing is a result of me trying to work out kinks in my storytelling ability.  I'm learning to distance out my climax chapters, for instance.  (I think I've I'd have written this book years ago, I'd have tried to overlay Spook's climactic sequence with the ending ones, for instance, which would  have been a mistake.) 

Also, of the three books, I worked the hardest on this one.  Choosing that ending--even though I'd planned it for some time--was very difficult.  I knew that it would anger some readers.  I also knew that it was the right ending for the series. 

I'm glad it worked for you.

I'm pretty sure Slowswift is Hoid. The Ars Arcanum says he "bears a striking resemblance to a storyteller", which I take to mean Hoid.

Hoid appears in that same chapter, but Vin doesn't meet him.  Something he does spooks her.  She's just too darn observant for her own good. 

Just finished the series. It was awesome. As is everything I've ever read of Brandon's. Can't wait for AMoL and other stories. I've read two versions of Warbreaker (including the latest) and will buy the hardcover when it's released. It'll be money well spent. And Somebody should have a long career ahead of them....

Brandon, I just wanted to confirm that you did have a couple of cameos as Slowswift? Or was that mean to be someone else?

Thank you very much for the kind words!

Slowswift is an homage to Grandpa Tolkien.  A study of his personality will reveal why that name was chosen for him.

Another minor question --

What was Zane's hemalurgical power?  (Or was he just spiked for control?)

Extra power with Pushing on metals.  It lent him extremely great precision.  

Question about Atium and Duralumin

I was happy when Elend finally burned Duralumin with Atium. I was holding my breath hoping that someone would eventually do it. However we didn't really get any info as to what Elend experienced. Does a Duralumin enchanced atium burn allow a person to see significantly farther into the future. If so, being that Elend's army was dying all around him did he get to see into the afterlife . Also if you could tell us what he saw that would be awesome. Did something he saw make him not want to avoid Marshes strike.

On a similar note if someone bured electrum with duralumin would they get to see significantly into thier own future.

There is much here that I can't say, but I'll give as much as I can.  Elend saw Preservation's ultimate plan, and Elend's own part in it.  What he saw made him realize he didn't want to kill Marsh, and that his own death would actually help save the world.  Like a master chess player, he suddenly saw and understand every possible move his enemy could make.  He saw that Ruin was check-mated, because there was one thing that Ruin was not willing to do.  Something that both Elend and Vin could do, if needed.  And it's what they did.  

So, in answer to your question, Elend stayed his hand.  This is one of the reasons why I changed my mind and decided that Marsh had to live through the end of the book.  Elend spared him; I needed to too.  

Hi, new here, registered just so I could ask some questions:

1) Will we get a map of what the new world? Or do we have to wait for the next trilogy, whenever that may be?

2) When the Mists come back, will they continue Snapping people?

3) Was Reen named that specifically because its so close sounding to Ruin, or is that a coincidence?

4) Did the Lord Ruler have any Hemalurgic spikes in him? It would seem he'd need to for Ruin to influence him, but it wasn't mentioned. Or did his bracers work as spikes?

5) Was TenSoon more susceptable to Ruin's powers than the other Kandra because he took OreSeur's Blessings?

6) Did Sazed leave information about how his new religion should be run for Spook and the others to find? His note to Spook implies that there is an afterlife...

7) With all the talk about action and reaction and whatnot, will some force form to counter Sazed's new Ruin/Preservation mix? It seems to me like the whole nature of the world can't stand to have one person unnopposed.

8) Does the Well of Ascension still exsit in the new world? Or is it no longer necessary? I assumed that Preservation collected there like Ruin collects in the Pits of Hathsin, so if Atium keeps forming then the well should keep filling...

9) Was Kelsier under Ruin's influence as well? It seems to me that destroying the Pits of Hathsin (and thus preventing Ruin's power from leaking) is something that Ruin would want to happen...

Ok, that's enough questions for now...

1)  You'll  have to wait, I'm afraid.  The future series is still far off.  I can't dedicate resources to getting a map drawn up until I begin work on the series officially. 

2)  No.  The mists will revert back to their more neutral state.

3)  Coincidence. 

4)  His arm bracers, which pierced his skin, were his spikes.

5)  Yes, he was.  However, the Blessing of Presence actually enhanced his mind to make him more resistant, so they balanced out. 

6)  Sazed didn't immediately leave this, as he was too focused on other things.  The next period of time will be difficult for Sazed, as he essentially sees himself as an avatar of deity--the force of Preservation--and not God with an upper case letter.  He's still not sure what Truth is 100%.  And there is an afterlife, but it's probably not what you're thinking.  In other words, Sazed has not touched Heaven or Hell, and actually doesn't yet know what the final beyond contains.  He has, however, run into some people who have been sticking around something of a middle place.  It's related to the larger cosmology, and I'm afraid that I'll need to RAFO anything further. 

7)  Ruin and Preservation were not the only Shards of Adonalsium, though they are the only ones on Scadrial at the moment.  Sazed's ability to be both at once is actually something I drew from Eastern mythology, where it is believed that the ability to contain two opposing forces at the same time represents ultimate harmony.  The Buddha, for instance, was said to have performed the miracle of producing both fair and ice from his hands at the same time. 

8 )  The Well (and the small wells in the Pits) is no more.  For now at least.

9)  There is a short story forthcoming which will deal with Kelsier, the days after he Snapped, his training, and what influence (if any) Ruin had on him.  Most likely, this will appear in the Mistborn RPG coming out next year.  So I'm afraid that's a RAFO.

3)  The last two metals are Chromium and Nicrosil.  We'll reveal what they do on the Allomancy poster.  Suffice it to say that in the next trilogy, the main protagonist would be a Nicrosil Misting.  And, to make a Robert Jordan-type comment, what those two metals do should become obvious to the serious student of Allomancy...  (It has to do with the nature of the metal groupings.)

If I read the poster correctly, and have the correlations down, these metals are the external enhancement metals.

The simplest idea is that they do to another person what Aluminum and Duralumin do to the Allomancer burning them.  If this is true, then Chromium would destroy another Allomancer's metals (useful skill, that, especially in a group of Mistings fighting a Mistborn) while Nicrosil would cause the target's metals that are currently burning to be burned in a brief, intense flash.  This could be used either to enhance a group of Mistings or to seriously mess up an enemy Allomancer.

Nicely done.

Ookla is right, the others don't have 1/1 correlations.  But I liked this concept far too much not to use it. 

In a future book series, Mistborn will also have become things of legend.  The bloodlines will have become diluted to the point that there are no Mistborn, only Mistings--however, the latter are far more common.   In this environment, a Nicrosil Misting could be invaluable both as an enhancer to your own team or a weapon to use against unsuspecting other Misthings.

I'm surprised no one else has asked but does this new world have atium? If atium was the body of Ruin then it would seem when Sazed took up Ruins power he would have reabsorbed all of the atium. New atium then would be bits of Sazed's new powers and weaken him with each newly formed bead. It would seem then that if atium exists it would be much rarer, and mean that Sazed would not be able to control this process.

I guess I am trying to understand why he would want to allow any Atium to make its way into the hands of people or rather out of his control?

It's theoretically possible for Atium to appear in the future, but right now Sazed has no plans to release any of it to the people.  It is, effectively, now something of myth and legend. 

I don't think Oathshards is as strong a name as "The Way of Kings."  Plus, that's really what the series is about.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Buy report
« on: October 15, 2008, 08:39:29 PM »
Sigh.  Yes, there have been some delays in distribution for some areas.  I'm so sorry, everyone!  I just did a longer blog post on it. 

We've got reports that every major market has SOME stores with it on the shelves, but each one also has many stores that don't.  Right now, we're sitting with at least 40% of stores not having put it out yet. 

I know. :)

The real story is that Brandon was writing (or revising?) Way of Kings when Tor offered to buy Elantris. Brandon signed a two-book contract for Elantris and Way of Kings. Then Brandon realized he wasn't in the point in his career yet where he could write Way of Kings the way he wanted to, so while he was supposed to be revising Way of Kings he secretly wrote the first Mistborn book instead, which he then sold to Tor as a trilogy, replacing Way of Kings in the original contract.

But for some reason Amazon already had a listing for Way of Kings, with a release date. Thence the fake reviews.

I've read an early draft of the first book, and it aims to be very epic. (No, Elvis is not involved.) I do wonder, though, whether when it actually comes out, the fake reviews will get attached to its Amazon listing. :)

This is all true.  Note that the book would not be name The Way of Kings.  Most likely, I'm going to make that the series name.  So I guess the book "The Way of Kings" must be some kind of parallel novel or prequel or something... ;)

I would like to echo a question that someone beat me to.   The way you ended it seemed to leave the door wide open for other books with characters such as Spook and Breeze playing much larger rolls.  My question is was the ending planned as just an open-ended ending to make people wonder about what might happen, or was that with the intent of writing more books in mind?

I like it when my characters live on in people's minds.  I have no plans right now to write any more books about Spook or Breeze, though what they do in the next period of time will create the history for the next series.  However, there's a chance I'll change my mind on this.  However, this ending was not set up for another book specifically.  I just wanted to tell the best ending I could, and this is how it turned out.

1.  The metal chunk that Elend ate is intended to be something of a mystery.  Much like atium, actually.  Suffice it to say that Atium isn't, and never was, what people thought it was. 

I intended Allomancy to be much like a real science.  People investigate and put things into boxes, trying to describe and understand the world around them.  That doesn't mean they always get things right, however. 

Let me say this, as I don't want to spoil too much.  If that metal Elend ate were fused into specific alloys with certain metals, it could have instead created Mistings of each of the different Allomantic powers.  Atium's abilities are not entirely explored yet either.

2.  Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy all work as they once did.  However, now they are more directly affected by the presence or absence of the mists, which will slowly return to the world but not be of the extent they once were.  (The mists are now an extent of Sazed's power, and where they roam, he is better able to influence things.  There will also be two kinds of mists.)  Note that in the future, Feruchemy powers will start to fracture and split, creating Feruchemical "Mistings." 

Yes, this means that in the future series, it will be possible for a person to have one Allomantic power and one Feruchemical power.  It will create for some very interesting mixing of powers.

3.  The Terris prophesies were created by Preservation before he attempted his imprisonment.  He knew that he wouldn't be able to do much for the world after he did what he did, and he foresaw a LOT of what was to come. 

4.  Way before Alendi's time.  Hence the need for the prophesies.  But Ruin managed to corrupt them.

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