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I've been reading your Wheel of Time since you thankfully took up the job (I need the end!), finished Towers of Midnight in a flash, and concluded that I loved your work and moved onto the Mistborn trilogy. I've finished it, grown unhealthily attached to it, and just wanted to suggest that you get Christopher Nolan on the job of making some movies out of this. Tim Burton would be waaaay to wacky for this... maybe Peter Jackson based on his work with Lord of the Rings. But I love Nolan since he almost always casts Christian Bale and generally his casts are superb. Plus he's a big name these days and your work definitely deserves association with someone on a high level. However I have no clue whatsoever as to how producers and authors meet up  :-\

Frankly, I'd rather read your brilliant novels than see the redundant movies being shown nowadays --- instead of coming up with their own frivolous plots, Hollywood needs to pick up some books (preferably yours) and get some inspiration! Please be assured that all of my frustration is a sincere compliment to your bountiful worthiness. I thank you.  ;D

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