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First, thanks for the replies. I didn't see them for a long time because TWG went down shortly after I posted. (And the times before that I checked, there were zero replies.)

There is a writing group called reading excuses on this forum.

So the forum called "Writing Group" is the wrong place to find group?

Looking at the Reading Group forum now.


(Ok, to their credit they admitted that's confusing.) Have now looked, and while it may be of some help (and way better than nothing), it is certainly not what I'm looking for.

The holy grail is a group of ten to fifteen people who are experts just waiting to read your work and only your work.  In practice everyone wants thier work to be read and most don't have the time to read a dozen 5k chapters while working on thier own in thier busy lives. 

This isn't my holy grail at all; in fact, I would balk at joining such a group because I cannot possibly read 15 manuscripts per week.

I would be much happier with a group or 3 or 4, because I could read that many manuscripts per week myself. I am not expecting critiques as some form of strange online charity, by rather in exchange for my own.

The Reading Excuses Group seems like a good way to get feedback, but it seems like feedback for a particular individual could be pretty few-and-far between because the group is so large. I'm looking for a more intimate group with more consistent submissions for every individual. I don't want to be halfway through the novel before learning that my supporting character doesn't work and has to be deleted. (Obviously this happens anyway, but that isn't my point.)

I guess I'm looking for a group much like the RE group started: A group of people exchanging manuscripts by email, but with no intentions of ever getting so large, and with more intention of consistently submitting for all members.

I did have one individual contact me by email, and she is now reviewing my work (though she is on a writing hiatus herself). My thanks to her, I'd love if others were interested as well. Since she is stay-at-home-mom and I work full time, my submission days are Monday, hers Friday, which optimizes both of our times to both read and write around the other person's schedule.

Fellow writers,

I am an amateur (thus far) novelist and short story writer seeking an active and dedicated writing group for consistent feedback. (Read: I am NOT content to have a half-arsed writing career and I want people to rip my work to shreds until I learn my lessons and get it right.)

I have recently finished first draft of a ~50k novel which needs a lot of improvement. I regularly write short stories and a few other projects, each of varying (in my opinion) quality. I have several other projects on the horizon, including non-fiction.

I'm located in Hillsborough, NC (Chapel Hill area) if there is any chance of a real-life such group; I expect that's unlikely, so a digital group works fine.

What matters most to me is that the group I join be active and involved. I've joined a few online writing groups and they lasted for about 3 internal submissions before crumbling off into the nether. If there's an existing group with an established record of submissions and feedback which wouldn't mind having me, I'm all in.

I need experience submitting on firm deadlines and having experienced critics offer suggestions. I am plenty critical myself, so I'm best suited for a group that values honesty over political correctness. My own critique takes the form of "this was my experience when reading this" rather than "this is what you should do instead"; description rather than prescription.

I am dead serious about developing my writing into a real career, and I want to interact with others who feel the same. This is NOT a hobby.

Please reply to this if interested or email [email protected].

Thanks in advance for considering.

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