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Brandon Sanderson / Re: On Feruchemical 'Mistings'
« on: February 24, 2009, 08:49:24 PM »
I've only seen the weight storing being effective in non-combat situations: Sazed in his Kandra cage and Sazed as he dropped down in to the valley where the Conventical of Seran was.  And remember, he did have to use his Pewtermind to help him break his fall, it doesn't seem to be a light-as-a-feather thing.  I suspect that if it were then storing strength would makes you unable to move and storing eyesight would make you blind.
I actually considered the being carried or even thrown angle of the ability but there is the very real question of practicality.  While those could have their uses(And obviously they will) the most practical use for and Ironmind would be to be an immovable object, a center of battle that no matter how hard you hit they simply cannot be moved, or a battering ram, etc.  As I said in my initial response to miyabi I'm hoping for creative exceptions to this as they should definitely exist, but I can't see most as using both sides equally.  I have it in my mind as more of an Ironmind's base state is extremely light, constantly storing weight simply as a matter of moving faster and being more agile(Nothing matching a Steelmind, I'm sure, but to a regular person, I'd see a light Ironmind appearing 'adept') and that the main focus of the Ironmind's powers would be the strategic use of weight.  I see that as the common thing for them to be.  Of course, as with the nature of 'common', there will be people who strive to be the opposite, but I don't know all that is in Mr. Sanderson's mind so I don't know how it could all play out for an opposite of my perception.

I do like Featherweight, but I still like Anchor better.  ;)
When I choose Brute for the Pewtermind I specifically wanted something that mirrored the common Allomantic name for the user of the metal, especially since the effects are so very similar.  I would have gone with the same thing for Tinmind's as well, but I've always hated that Tin burners were called Tineyes.  I understand it for the mist-filled world but the world in which these new names are going to be created is going to be mist-free(At least gaseous-body-of-Preservation-mist-free).  I don't know...

Brandon Sanderson / Re: On Feruchemical 'Mistings'
« on: February 24, 2009, 07:13:14 AM »
It's a hell of a lot better than Sensor!  Afferent it is!

Brandon Sanderson / Re: On Feruchemical 'Mistings'
« on: February 24, 2009, 02:26:55 AM »
I really do hope that other people come to contribute, I like new ideas and challenges to my own.

Plus, I demand wild speculation!  :D

When I mention Autism I specifically mean the Savant side of it( I'm an idiot; that's a much better name.  Silly me.  I am a seizure victim as well(I've got the scars to prove it too), I understood that it was a joke, it had just got me thinking and I try as much as possible to put my thoughts out as they come.
I took as assumed that when I said 'best' I meant 'what I liked the most' seeing as 'best' is entirely arbitrary.  Also, I didn't like 'Antist' either, but I didn't like any of the others.  What do you think of Savant?
Also, the 'Inspired by' term I use to mean that the person's comments got me thinking in such a way that it lead me to that name.

I like Spark, that's cool and it'll probably get more votes than Savant will.  Sprinter I still don't like.  Someone who just runs isn't very useful(Especially if it's to take place in modern, radio-using times.).  I just keep thinking back to all the fighting that Sazed had to do; I see him tapping the steel lock on the Kandra cage for the speed to out maneuver the Fifths in combat in MB3 and I can't resign the Steelmind title to something that sounds so limited. 
I don't want to be a despot, I'd like people to vote for what they like and I'll label them 'best' and put them up in the main list, but I just really hate a limiting term when the ability can be used in such broad ways.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: On Feruchemical 'Mistings'
« on: February 23, 2009, 09:16:43 AM »
Thank you very much for the welcome.  I know people on forums can seems like(Or be) asses, but I've used forums quite extensively in the past so I'm prepared.  ;)
Your point about Anchors got me thinking and second-guessing that name but, upon further thinking, I can't come up with a truly practical use for the 'make-yourself-lighter' effect that would outweigh the 'make-yourself-a-mobile-weight' effect.  Of course there should be exceptions to that, but I really think that the 'Anchor' ability would be the most obvious and frequently used effect.

I'm glad you liked at least some of my ideas.  I'll expand on some of the reasons for my choices for names and at the same time I'll voice my opinions about yours.

Steelmind:  Sprinter -- I didn't want it to be tied to running because stored speed can be put to use in any aspect of physical movement. Besides, how much speed would a Steelmind have to store to outrun a Thug in a pewterdrag(And live)?
Tinmind: Watcher. Or alternatively: Guard. Or maybe: Sentinel. -- Watcher and Guard are too much like common words and would generate confusion as the only way to tell if you higher a guard or a Guard is the capitalization.  I like Sentinel, but I think that that should be the name for a Bronzemind.
Zincmind: Genius. Or alternatively: Voluntary Seizure Victim -- Again, confusion over a common term.  Seizure? Maybe an Autistic... Maybe Autist?
Bronzemind: Caffeine addict -- Funny, I like it.  I think that Sentinel would be good for this one.
Goldmind: Immortal -- I like it, but it feels like it doesn't fit.  I think the Goldmind is going to be one of the more difficult to name...

Insomniac works really well for a Bronzemind.  I'm not going to edit the line about Sentinels above, but it just occurred to me that it's too specific.  Insomniac is perfect.

Something like that had never even occurred to me at all, it's genius.  And it would be perfect except for one thing: fire consumes oxygen.  I'd like to come up with something that conveys both concepts... What do you think of Sink? Like a heat sink; made to absorb heat and then radiate it back out.

I'm going to edit the first post with the best ideas(Properly credited to their creators) so that people know what's already been discussed.
Thanks for all the new input, but where is the wild speculation that I demanded?  Is there already a thread for that?  ;D

Brandon Sanderson / On Feruchemical 'Mistings'
« on: February 22, 2009, 01:53:16 AM »
Obviously this thread is going to have a large amount of SPOILERS.  If you've not read all three Mistborn books you're in for surprises.

Mr. Sanderson has said in the MB3 spoiler thread that, if he does write the next series, there will be no Mistborn and that Feruchemy will have followed a similar path of degeneration.  I don't know if this was supposed to mean that there will be no more full Feruchemists or just that there are now Feruchemical 'Mistings' as well(It would seem odd if the former were the case because you'd think that TLR's breeding program would have caused it after a thousand years.).
Either way, just like Allomantic Mistings, I would think that Feruchemical ones would get names that matched their abilities.
Being as presumptuous as I am, I have decided to post a list of names that I like for Feruchemical Mistings.  I think it would be cool for their ""Official"" titles be the name of the metalmind that they can use, but, just like Allomancers, they have a ""Common"" name as well.  That's what I'm here to suggest; here are my names(And quick reference for those that don't remember or can't infer from the names):

Ironmind : Anchor  --  Physical Weight
Steelmind : Sprinter(little_wilson) --  Physical Speed

Tinmind : Afferent(Eerongal)  --  Senses
Pewtermind : Brute  --  Physical Strength

Zincmind : Savant(Inspired by CptSqweky)  --  Mental Speed
Brassmind : Sink(Inspired by douglas)  --  Warmth

Coppermind : Keeper  --  Memories
Bronzemind : Insomniac(little_wilson)  --  Wakefulness

Goldmind : Immortal(CptSqweky)  --  Health
Electrummind :

Aluminummind : Stone -- Pain(Speculation)
Duraluminmind :

Cadmiummind :
Not-Cerrobendmind :

Chromiummind :
Nicrosilmind :

Some of those names are crap, but that's part of the reason that I'm posting it here: To have other people make suggestions for better names.
On top of these names for metalminds, I also came up with names to differentiate between Feruchemical and Allomantic Mistings, as always, I welcome suggestions for changes and whatnot:

Burner - Allomantic Mistings.
Tapper - Feruchemical Mistings.
Misting - Someone that can burn one metal and store in a different one.
(Metal name) Misting - Someone that can burn one metal and store in the same metal.
Full (Metal name) Misting - Someone that can burn one metal and store in all of them.

The other metal's abilities are not listed here for the rather obvious reason that Mr. Sanderson has yet to tell us what the other metals do Feruchemically.  I remember him saying in his LiveJournal entry for the Allomancy poster that, if it was popular, he'd produce one for Feruchemy and Hemalurgy as well.  That would help a lot.
Anyway, tell me what you think, suggest any names where you think they would be better, wildly speculate about what the other metals do Feruchemically, etc.
And always remember to think about what kind of special names there may be if a Feruchemical Misting is also an Allomantic Misting of the same metal.  What would be the name of a Pewtermind that was also a Pewterarm?  Interesting things to think about...

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