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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Help!! I'm new!
« on: September 11, 2010, 06:20:55 AM »
Yep, almost all of Brandon's books take place in the same universe, called the Cosmere (I think).  There was this thing/guy called Adonalsium that we almost nothing about, except that when he "shattered", various shards of him got distributed, each of which gives godlike powers.  Two of these shards were called Ruin and Preservation, held by Ati and Leras respectively, now both held by Sazed.  One shard is called Endowment, and it is the only shard on the Warbreaker world.  There were at least two shards on The Elantris world (the worlds name is Sel, by the way), but we don't know the names of these shards.  We do know that they were held by Aona and Skai, but thats about it. 

Hoid is a recurring character, and has shown up in every one of the Cosmere books so far (Harder to find in some than in others).  He apparently hops around planets doing stuff behind the scenes.  His full nature is currently unknown.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: WoK: Spren and Hoid (spoilers)
« on: September 09, 2010, 09:02:48 AM »
Just to note, the guy with the shardblade/dawnblade at the end of the book that Hoid recognizes is not Odium, but Talenel, the only Herald that didn't abandon the oathpact in the beginning of the book.

I thought "unite them" meant chells and axehounds.


I really like the idea of the almighty being Novelty.  It just seems to jive with the feel I've gotten from things.  I'm going to go quote-hunting to find more things that support this. 

A small correction so you can avoid future confusion:  The name of the planet is Roshar.  When I saw the thread title I thought "Wow, someone must be getting into it pretty deep if they have a grand theory about that grumpy brightlord that ruled over Kaladin's hometown.

Oh, I know who you need to put in spot number 5:  Brightlord Roshone, the bastard that conscripted Kaladin's brother, a little kid, just to be mean.

Can you give me a quick reminder who each of these people are?  I finished the book, but there are so many names that I can't hold them all straight.  It also doesn't help that you spelled Sadeas wrong.

Anyways, I think the list is missing some people.  Specifically, brightlord Amaram (sp?) and whoever was in charge of the bridgecrews when Gaz disappeared. 

I wouldn't put Gaz on that list.  He was a jerk, but in the larger picture, he was too petty to be a real villain.  He may even have redeeming qualities we don't know about, and his strange disappearance suggests that he was just caught up in things bigger than himself.

I agree with assessing Szeth as a villain (or maybe anti-something or whatever) but he is way too interesting for me to want him to die.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: *WoK Spoilers* The Almighty?
« on: September 04, 2010, 08:55:30 AM »
Is there any chance that "the almighty" isn't just a shard, but Adonalsium?

Brandon Sanderson / Gaz [Way of Kings Spoilers]
« on: September 04, 2010, 05:33:19 AM »
So, I finished the book, I can't figure out what happened to Gaz.  Seems like he disappeared sometime after the side-carry snafu, and never showed up again.  Did I miss something?  Are there any hints as to what his ultimate fate was?  And why did he have to pay Lamaril all of that money?

I'll likely do a second reading before long, and look for those answers then, but if anyone knows, I'd be happy if you told me.  Also, if anyone on these forums is going to one of his signings, would you mind asking Brandon Sanderson about this?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Other Writers Like Brandon?
« on: September 01, 2010, 10:09:01 PM »
I'd recommend Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series.  The magic is the standard elemental type, but done in a way that makes it feel original.  There is a good deal of world-building, so that will feel good for Sanderson fans.  The characterization isn't quite as good as Sandersons, but still good.  The action and battle scenes are actually better written than Sanderson writes action (at least in my opinion).  The pacing is faster, which can feel weird after getting used to the pattern of build-up -> avalanche.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Way of Kings early?
« on: August 31, 2010, 03:07:31 AM »
I just got my book today, didn't even realize that the store was selling it early until looking on these forums.  At least it still gets counted for the first week sales!

These chapters are great.  I'm already invested in Kalladan's (sp?) character.  Shallan is interesting too, I just haven't gotten into her part of the story yet.  I'm really much more interested in what makes that one woman a heretic than I am about Shallan's financial troubles.

Lurker here, just wanted to play "Where's Hoid" after reading the sample chapters.  I'm thinking the porter that took Shallan on the ride through the city is a candidate. 

That was a wonderful book.  I almost wanted to see Elend as the Hero in order to hear him try to beat Ruin in a scholarly debate (jk, sorta). 

Going off on a complete tangent, when Ruin's dead body shows up, my reaction was to think of one of the poets of Saffron Park.  I doubt there is any intended connection, but it was cool none the less.

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