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Any suggestions of how to get it if it's been pulled?

I think the ending hit everyone hard, regardless of what they say and who they are, maybe minus Brandon...since he is to speak....creator of Mistborn Universe....anyway, I think the fact that Brandon made all his characters soooo real, it would be hard not to become attached. I think some people would have like to have had the LOTR ending where we got to say bye to our "friends" is a nice and peaceful manner, but I think Vin and the gang would have preferred it this way...they were "balls to the walls" type people, heck Kelsier probably was jealousy of Elend, in the manner and dramatic fashion Elend faced his end, not to mention the emotionally charged response it had on Vin. I mean, she didn't do that for him (Kelsier)!

Not the expert here, but I don't think Sazed would be effected by metal blindness. If I'm right the reason Ruin and Preservation couldn't "see" metal was because they were forces of power, and metal is a source for power. If you think of it this way: Ruin and Pres reside in Sazed, kinda like a brain...two halves making one whole. But Sazed has his own consciousness, so he more or less draws on the powers of ruin and pres, but they don't consume him or overwhelm him...
Guys n Gals...if I got that wrong please pick it apart.....

Brandon Sanderson / Re: If Mistborn was a movie. . . .
« on: October 19, 2008, 01:18:20 AM »
Vin: Summer Glau....definite lock
Lord Ruler: Liam Neeson
Kelsier: Robert Downey Jr. or Nicolas Cage...Cage because he can be dark and off-center sense of humor
Elend: Shia Lebouf
Breeze: Adrian Paul
Ham:  LL Cool J...would like good in outfit...I would say Vin Diesel, but can't image Vin waxing philosophical and believeing, plus his name is Vin...
Sazed: Alexander Siddig ( Dr. Julian Brashir deep space nine)
Spook: Aaron Ashmore
Club: Samuel L. Jackson or Tommy Lee Jones
Dockson: James Thomas Byrnes....also of Highlander fame..watcher Joe Dawson
Marsh: Ewan McGregor or Russel Crowe

Oops... thanks Nessa!!!

Just to have a little fun,
If we could make Mistborn 1-3 into movies, who would get to play:
Lord Rule

FirstRainbowRose & Ookla,
Thanks for the insight and answers!!!!

Ok, I am new write and reading forums, so I'm a little slow on it, so please be kind.....
1.) What if RAFO?
2.) Who is HOID? I have read Elantris and all 3 Mistborns but don't remember the name, am I missing something?
3.) Dragonsteel, is that by Brandon or L. Yep, I am soooo confused.
4.) These Shards everyone is talking about...what are they?

I would be glad for someone to eliminate my ignorance on these matters....

As far as Kel's grabbing the power to Pres to hold for Vin, was it him that whispered to Spook, when Spook was unconscious, to get his message to Vin?

First off, WHAT A GREAT STORY!!! Though I am both sadden and disappointed that it has , alas, come to a completion...or has it??? I think it may be pointless to do a spin-off, but who else could pull off such a masterful storyline than Brandon?? Of course, it is HIS story...but I hope that we get to see the New Empire, and who knows maybe we, the fans, can convince him, Brandon, to bring back the gang! I for one would love to see Kel and El go at it!!! 
Second, I am a bit confused as to why Vin and El had to die. I could careless about the other characters, but it seems to me that the more dynamic the character, the more likely his or her life will be in jeopardy! And Saze, though it fits the stereotypical conclusion, he actually was the best person to become god! I just don't see why he didn't get the full understanding about the prophesy until the end!
Third, is there anyone out there other than me that would pay to see this in theaters??

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