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I am curious if any changes were made to the story after you got AMoL or after the Name of the Wind was published? The style hasn't changed, but the story seemed to flow much better this time around.

Actually, no.  This one was finished off back before I knew anything of AMoL or before I'd read Name of the Wind.  Hopefully, the smoothing is a result of me trying to work out kinks in my storytelling ability.  I'm learning to distance out my climax chapters, for instance.  (I think I've I'd have written this book years ago, I'd have tried to overlay Spook's climactic sequence with the ending ones, for instance, which would  have been a mistake.) 

Also, of the three books, I worked the hardest on this one.  Choosing that ending--even though I'd planned it for some time--was very difficult.  I knew that it would anger some readers.  I also knew that it was the right ending for the series. 

I'm glad it worked for you.

i have to admit, i am one of those angered. i will be so glad when this cliche of killing off the heroes will finally pass. i escape to fantasy for the happy ending. if i wanted to be depressed id grab a 3 dollar bottle of mad dog 20/20 and drink it all and contemplate my mundane life. i cant spend much time reflecting on the book because of the mental picture of vin and elend dead in a field keeps popping up instead. they didnt even get a chance to reproduce.

now outside of the horrible ending (which wasnt suprising in the least because it is so common to kill the heroes) i enjoyed them. i absolutely cannot wait to read your books written 10 years from now. you can definitely pick up the improvement in transitions and character development in each book ive read from you. im quite often reminded of david eddings although im sure plenty would disagree. and while eddings isnt one of my favorite writers to be at his level (to me) so early in your career leads me to believe great things will be coming.
i would like to ask you one thing to consider when writing endings. fantasy is an escape, please dont ruin it with such depressing endings. when you have had the opportunity to look upon your dead wife in her coffin, reading about others dying isnt fun at all. it is absolutely terrible. happily ever after.

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