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The atium mistings might have actually been electrum mistings. Ooklaa stated this earlier. One simple idea could be that all mistings can burn thier metal as well as burn thier metal alloyed with Atium or Lerasium. The metal table stated that atium and lerasium enchance the metals they are alloyed with in certain ways. The pits of hathsin might have been producing an electrum atium alloy but the lord ruler never disclosed this.

Hmm... good question. I will answer your question with another question: aren't the metals supposed to be beneficial to the user? If so, then why would a metal make you weaker? I suppose, if you want the effects to match, cadmium could make anyone else in the bubble faster, but then how would that be benifical in travel, like pewter, since the allomancer cannot move as fast, and the other people would exit the bubble, or not be able to go as fast as possible. Wow, that was probably zetta confusing (been playing The World Ends With You xd ;D) .
Most of the metals do benefit the user, but for some mistings such as aluminum or duralumin there is no effect, either positive or negative, at all.

Aluminum and duralumin could possibly have a positive effect for Mistborn or even Mistings. When burned they effectively purge all metals from an allomancers body (or a specific metal in the case of duralumin). This might also be able to clean out a poisen from the allomancers body. Much like tin can enhance both a persons sense of smell as well as thier sense of vision. 

Question about the Symbols for the Metals.

Each metal has a symbol consiting of one or more crescent moon shapes along with one or more spikes piercing the crescent moon shapes. Do the placement of the spikes in the symbols have anything to do with the Hemalurgical placement of a spike in a human body. Sort of like a hemalurgical guide to acupuncture. :) Place one spike here for alomantic powers and one spike here for foot fungus.

Right but afterward she didn't have anything to keep her drawing on the power because Marsh was gone.  You got to realize that she didn't know exactly what she was doing, and I think she only got to the power because she was desperate.

I think that I found something that might shed some light on the issue.      The the pre-chapter 79 little blurb page 524:

"I believe the mists were searching for someone to become a new host for them.     The power needed a consciousness to direct them.


Marsh ripped it out, freeing her and allowing the mists---which were now desperate for a host, since Preservation's last wisp was gone--- to finally pour themselves into her."

The Key phrase there is "allowing the finally pour themselves into her".     So at Fardex City when she fought the Koloss these same conditions existed.     It was not contingent on Vin drawing the mists in (which she did to fight Marsh) but them - the mists - that poured themselves into her as soon as they were free to do so.

Another question.

The vials that Vin stole from Marsh contained Duralumin?      How/why would that be?      I know that Ruin would have learned of it from TenSoon/Zane but he would have to get a spike from an Duralumin Misting or a Mistborn.     A Misting would be impossible to find wouldn't it?       Did Ruin waste a Mistborn on Marsh to give him this ability?        It does not make sense to me that Ruin would do that.     Much more value to make another Inquisitor from the Mistborn and have him able to burn Duralumin.       After all Marsh already had so much extra Feruchemist spikes that the Duralumin would only be a tiny benefit.

On your last question about Marsh having Duralumin, Yes ruin did waste a mistborn to give Marsh the ability. If you review Sazed's epigram on page 484,  you will see that Marsh was a special case

Question about Atium and Duralumin

I was happy when Elend finally burned Duralumin with Atium. I was holding my breath hoping that someone would eventually do it. However we didn't really get any info as to what Elend experienced. Does a Duralumin enchanced atium burn allow a person to see significantly farther into the future. If so, being that Elend's army was dying all around him did he get to see into the afterlife . Also if you could tell us what he saw that would be awesome. Did something he saw make him not want to avoid Marshes strike.

On a similar note if someone bured electrum with duralumin would they get to see significantly into thier own future.

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