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I don't remember and I lent my HoA out (that seems to be all the rage these days, lending awesome books out :P), but I definitely remember that there are points where Preservation/Kelsier speaks with people. This isn't really a surprise, because in Well of Ascension, Preservation speaks twice to Elend and Sazed.

I have never been all that good at seeing things like that if they are not obviously pointed to me. Maybe EUOL can explain it later for us blockheaded once he has the time. :) ???

Page 408, Kelsier talks to Spook, notably after he removed his spike...
And again on page 445. This time Spook thinks he's dreaming or hallucinating, but I'm fairly sure it's Kel taking to him.

There may be a few other instances, but those are the ones that came to mind.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: If Mistborn was a movie. . . .
« on: October 20, 2008, 09:17:14 AM »
I could get behind a Mistborn animated series... and get Billy West (half the cast of Futurama) to do Kell, Ham, Marsh, The Lord Ruler, Elend...

Here's another question:

In one of the bumps, Sazed mentions a discussion between Vin and Ruin in which Vin asks Ruin why she was chosen to release him from the Well.  Did this discussion occur in the in-between afterlife where Vin, Elend, Kelsier, etc., were, or did it occur off-screen while Vin and Ruin were busy stopping each other from affecting the world?

I was fairly sure she asked it while she was a prisoner of Yomen, but I could be wrong.

Another question came to mind:
Were the epigraphs meant to be in order? If so, reading them all straight through it seems Sazed keeps going off on tangents, seems more stream of conciousness than we're used to seeing from Saze...

Hi, new here, registered just so I could ask some questions:

1) Will we get a map of what the new world? Or do we have to wait for the next trilogy, whenever that may be?

2) When the Mists come back, will they continue Snapping people?

3) Was Reen named that specifically because its so close sounding to Ruin, or is that a coincidence?

4) Did the Lord Ruler have any Hemalurgic spikes in him? It would seem he'd need to for Ruin to influence him, but it wasn't mentioned. Or did his bracers work as spikes?

5) Was TenSoon more susceptable to Ruin's powers than the other Kandra because he took OreSeur's Blessings?

6) Did Sazed leave information about how his new religion should be run for Spook and the others to find? His note to Spook implies that there is an afterlife...

7) With all the talk about action and reaction and whatnot, will some force form to counter Sazed's new Ruin/Preservation mix? It seems to me like the whole nature of the world can't stand to have one person unnopposed.

8) Does the Well of Ascension still exsit in the new world? Or is it no longer necessary? I assumed that Preservation collected there like Ruin collects in the Pits of Hathsin, so if Atium keeps forming then the well should keep filling...

9) Was Kelsier under Ruin's influence as well? It seems to me that destroying the Pits of Hathsin (and thus preventing Ruin's power from leaking) is something that Ruin would want to happen...

Ok, that's enough questions for now...

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