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3)  The last two metals are Chromium and Nicrosil.  We'll reveal what they do on the Allomancy poster.  Suffice it to say that in the next trilogy, the main protagonist would be a Nicrosil Misting.  And, to make a Robert Jordan-type comment, what those two metals do should become obvious to the serious student of Allomancy...  (It has to do with the nature of the metal groupings.)


Good to hear that Marsh is still around. I always kinda liked him. So Nicrosil and Chormium enhance people somehow I'm guessing?

Just wanted to say, great work on the book. It kept me completely occupied from around 11 am to 8 pm and i have got to say that it had the most well thought out ending ever put into a book.

Also, do you have any plans for more mistborn books? or is this the end?
And what happened to Marsh? The book doesnt mention him after he fights with Elend.

also, you should tell us what the last two metals are  ;)

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