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Brandon Sanderson / Mistborn Physics
« on: September 23, 2008, 12:55:00 AM »
This is something that has always bugged me:
When two mistborn or two coinshots (or a mix of the two) push on a coin between them, they both get pushed back.  This should occur only if the coin is precisely between them.  Anything else and the coin (as, presumably the coin is lighter than the pusher) should go flying off, leaving the two allomacers more or less stationary.

Yet there are numerous examples of pushing matches; Kelsier+Vin, (that had enough force to flatten a metal coin...) Vin+Random Coinshot, (just before Vin vs Shan) Vin+Zane (while wiping the floor with Cett's troops) etc.  Were the coins so precisely placed in between them on all these occasions? 

(Of course, the cop out in this case would be to say TLR changed physics...)

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