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No, the killing spike must kill the victim by piercing their heart to harvest Hemalurgic ability. Every example we have from the books (At least in HoA, pages 16, 131, and 243 in the hardback.) specifically mention the killing spike being driven through the heart or chest. It is only when the spike is used to endow Hemalurgic talent that the bind points come into play.

And in the heading of chapter 73, it says that Vin's Hemalurgic spike was used to kill Vin's sister, thus imbuing it with the added power in Bronze.

Isn't it one of the rules of Hemalurgy that the metal involved has to kill the victim? And be driven through their heart?

Vin's mother was just very precise, I think.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Elantris vs. Mistborn *Spoilers*
« on: August 28, 2009, 02:37:22 PM »
It's also much more difficult to do two different things with your hands, as opposed to drawing two of the same Aon, which is what Raoden does.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Mistborn: Allomancy or Feruchemy? [ SPOILER ]
« on: August 09, 2009, 01:38:12 AM »
While it's true a Pewter Savant could probably take on a Feruchemist tapping 120% speed, could they do so at 200%? 300%? Pewter alone cannot stop a determined Feruchemist with sufficient stores. However, Allomancers do not have to rely entirely on Pewter. One big advantage Allomancers have over Feruchemists is the ability to push and pull on metals.

Feruchemical stores are relatively large chunks of metal, and while Weight could be stored or tapped to throw off the Allomancer, it would make it incredibly difficult to attack while tapping. The Feruchemist would need to tap a lot of extra Speed and Strength just to get moving at a normal speed, much more if they're trying to outrun someone burning Pewter. On top of that, Steelpushes get stronger the closer you are to an object, and more weight means more force. If the Feruchemist taps Weight, a flared Steelpush on their Metalminds will be enough to remain out of range until the stores are depleted, and storing Weight opens the opportunity for the Allomancer to Push the Feruchemist out of range.

And Champion Kaz, you only use "an" before a word starting with "H" if the "H" in question is silent. A/An choices are made entirely on phonetic sounds, so any word that starts with a consonant phonetic is associated with "a", and any word with a vowel phonetic is associated with "an". Was the word you used something like "honorable" or "honest"?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon answering questions at Barnes&
« on: August 04, 2009, 04:34:06 PM »
Another possibility for Hoid is one of the Terris soldiers Elend sees. He does note that they walk with excellent posture and a smooth grace. I'd say it's more likely for it to be the old man, but those others fit as well.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Ultimate Brandon Sanderson Showdown
« on: August 02, 2009, 08:20:49 AM »
After thinking it out a while, I don't see any fair scenario where The Lord Ruler doesn't win.

First off, we have seen how Mental Speed works. Somewhere around pg. 568 in the hardback Well of Ascension, Sazed uses Zinc while fighting Marsh. Earlier in the fight he uses it as well, and can accurately predict the trajectory of Marsh's lamp. Finally, Sazed is filling that Zincmind earlier in the book, and he says his thoughts feel slowed and bogged down.

Second point, an Allomancer of the Lord Ruler's caliber can push on metals inside other's bodies at will. Unless one of these participants are anemic or have another similar condition, pushing on the bloodstream seems like an effective tool to me.

Final two points, Brassminds actually warm up the user, and Sazed says that a Burned Feruchemical charge releases the power tenfold. (Probably a very general assumption, but gives a ballpark range to work off of, as the only other time we might possibly see the combo in action is when the Lord Ruler moves inhumanly fast while fighting Vin. But that could just be Feruchemy, or tenfold speed.)

So in the end, when the Lord Ruler is fighting an Allomancer or Feruchemist; he uses Steelpushes, Zincminds, Ironminds, Goldminds, and Atium/Electrum to defeat them. While facing down an Awakener; Steelminds, Zincminds, Goldminds, Pewterminds, and Atium seem enough to handle most causes. If he does get entangled in an Awakened object, Burning a Brassmind and Goldmind/Pewtermind together should heat the body up sufficiently to set the object on fire, while staying alive. Finally, while facing down an Elantrian; Steelpushes and Ironpulls on the limbs to prevent Aon drawing, or to crush them against their own impenetrable wall, Zincminds or Atium to determine what they are doing and how to counter it, Soothing to distract them if necessary, etc.

As for Nightblood, I think Rashek might be too arrogant to pick up the sword. Why would he need a sword? I see a much more likely possibility of the Lord Ruler Rioting Vasher's anger and causing Vasher himself to draw the sword, then either Steelpushing it out of the way or using other methods to avoid Vasher until Nightblood does the job.

I suppose Raoden could set up a perpetually active metal-transforming Aon, but that smacks a little too much of forewarning on his part, and the Lord Ruler with the same amount of foresight could probably pull off a victory from afar using metal-launched objects, or by crushing Raoden into the ground if he was close enough.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker: Free Ebook
« on: July 22, 2009, 04:10:34 PM »
Ruin never gave Spook Preservation's powers, Hemalurgy just allowed Spook to steal them from someone who already had them, in a mildly corrupted fashion. The source of Hemalurgy-endowed power is the other person's soul, not Ruin or the spikes or anything else.

And while it's true fooling the spiritual codes would work for any magic, the ability to store those codes in a spike is probably Scadrial-specific. If you could store the codes for Breath in a spike, and place it in a magic-altering spot, you could probably steal Breath. (Maybe. I'm still wondering myself if Breath is perhaps the Spiritual Manifestation of Endowment, in which case strange things would happen.)

There is sort of a workaround for this though. I'm pretty sure I recall Brandon saying that to use Allomancy and Feruchemy, you needed the correct spiritual and genetic codes, but to use Hemalurgy you simply had to steal those codes from someone else. That implies that a properly endowed Hemalurgic spike would give power to anyone, including those not from Scadrial.

So to steal Breath, (or something.) You would have to Hemalurgically endow the subject with Scadrial codes, then use a Hemalurgic spike to steal the part of their soul containing their magic, then hope you can implant it right in someone else. Even that might not work, and it might require either an Atium or Lerasium spike to do so.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Hero of Ages Hardcover signed by Brandon
« on: July 21, 2009, 08:39:49 AM »
I think Brandon usually sells those books if he can get his hands on copies that bookstores don't sell, so it would probably depend on his supply of books. If he can snag a shipment, then I'd consider it likely, but I couldn't say for sure.

If Sanderson is still answering questions, I have one on Feruchemy: if you splurge a brassmind, does the feruchemist unleash a blast of heat, give herself heatstroke or both?

However, I did ask Brandon a little while ago if the warmth stored Feruchemically was real or just a mental effect, and he said it was real heat, and really warmed them up. So I assume it would be a little of both.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Chat with Brandon on Twitter RIGHT NOW
« on: July 09, 2009, 05:33:52 AM »
I don't know that he was saying yes to the Clod question, because the guy asked like three or four questions, and he just said "yes" once to the guy, so I think he was just being vague and wasn't trying to say yes to that specific question.

It could be. But he only asked three questions, one about Warbreaker short stories soon, one about Clod, and one about what Actress Blushweaver would be. Brandon already answered that the first question was a no, so I was iffy if the "Yes" could cover all three questions or not. I'll make a note of it though.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Chat with Brandon on Twitter RIGHT NOW
« on: July 09, 2009, 05:30:22 AM »
Other Book Questions

pfchristopher: Why didn't Vin know the Atium bead Zane gave her wasn't real? Cant she sense how big reserves are?
Atium reserves always look bigger than they are to an allomancer. It burns so quickly. She just didnít have enough experience with atium to realize sheíd been duped.

mnehring: How did you come up with what metal would give what powers in Mistborn?
The metals just worked out right. †I see I misunderstood. The assignment of metals to powers was done mostly randomly. I started by trying to mix and match colors and hues, but that ended up not working. I also originally wanted the physical to be more common, and then move toward less common with mental and others. Hence, iron is physical, Gold is mental, [sic] Atium is temporal. The mentals donít quite fit this, though.

King_Yoshi: How did you come up with the amazing plot twitst at the end of HoA?
Honestly, I did it by plotting out all three books at once. It feels right because Iíd been planning all along.

joshuapatrao: Do you plan to ever interconnect your worlds or at least allude to past worlds in your books?
Hummm. What an odd question. Iíd never do that, would I? (Look for Hoid/Adonalsium).

Thistledown: Any plans for a kindle Elantris version? Is The Way of Kings slated for 2010 along with WoT book 2?
Now that you've revised WoK, do you think you'll release 2 books next year (WoT and WoK)?
Yes, if we can get Amazon to pay attention. (Grr.) And yes, two books next year. WoK and WoT13. †2011 will probably have just one, though. I donít know if Iíll be able to write the WoK sequel in time.

rrjr010: Would you be willing to take bribes to start "Nightblood" before finishing WoT!?
Heh. Nightblood will happen someday. Bribes of cookies or Magic Cards at signings might help. More seriously, I do intend to do this--and post it online as I write it-but it probably wonít be for a few years.
Then you shall have both when you come here this winter. Help turn a few years into six months, right?
lol. Well, it canít hurt. But I DO have a lot on my plate... Weíll see. I want an ELANTRIS sequel out for 2015.
Wow, an Elantris sequel would be awesome too. Where would it fit chronologically after the end of Elantris?
Elantris direct sequel would be 10 years later and use Kiinís children as viewpoint characters living in Fjorden.

Czanos: Would anything interesting happen if an Allomancer Burned a Hemalurgic spike, or a Feruchemist Tapped one?
Er, well, itís possible. But youíd have to be burning a Hemalurgic spike that killed you and took your power... Just like you canít gain anything by burning a metalmind unless you infused it yourself.

ecurbmp: Any chance of an Elantris or Warbreaker revisit down the road, or are you done with those worlds?
I hope to do a 10th aniv. edition of Elantris (revised and updated) in 2015, with a sequel the same year.

Meeeeech: Who would win this three way fight? Vin vs. Vasher vs. Lan? I vote Vin...
Depends on how much metal Vin has, how many Breaths Vasher has, and if Lan can get the jump on them. Probably Vin, though Rand would blow her out of the water.
P.S. Vin would lure Rand to Far Madding and take him down.

Czanos: If a Feruchemist Taps warmth, does it actually warm them up physically, or do they just feel warmer?
It actually warms them. Itís not just a feeling.

Feifner: Can Hoid travel through worlds? or, in other words, are all of your "Hoids" one person?
Well, ĎHoidí the name is an alias that a certain person is using, and he stole it from someone else. But the person named Hoid in Elantris, Mistborn, and Warbreaker are all the same individual. For the record, this is not a Ďname cameo.í This is, indeed, the very same person.

Anusien: Why did Lord Ruler not destroy the logbook knowing what trouble Ruin could cause with it?
A few reasons. First, Ruin had his fingers in the LRís soul by then already. Subtle things are easier to influence. He played off the LRís natural nostalgia and desire to hold onto something so important to his past.

Feifner: Do you think you will ever include dragons in your books?
Dragonsteel, a series Iíll do someday, has Dragons in it. Hint: This world/series is very important to Hoid.

General Questions

Rinzi: or visit Albuquerque, NM! I'll work on getting cookie and magic card bribes for you...
Ha. I have friends in Albuquerque who keep wanting me to come to Bubonicon. I will visit eventually.

pmrbluepat: Who is your favorite character that you have ever created in any of your books?
You ask a tough question. Very tough. Iíll have to say Hoid is my favorite.

jamesgubera: where do you get your inspiration to create new worlds & characters?
Inspiriation comes from all over. Often things I see. Color magic in WRBRKR came from watching b/w movies. The mist in mistborn came from driving through a foggy night at 70mph. Sazed came from a Buddhist monk I met in Korea. Sarene came from a friend, Annie, who complained that she was too tall and too smart for men to want to date. If you want more, send me an email and ask for my ďIdeasĒ essay. @PeterAhlstrom will send it to you.

Rinzi:Are there any characters in your books who you actually DON'T like?
Does Cadsuane count? (J/K. I love you Cads. Really, donít beat me up.) I have characters that didnít bloom like I wanted. Parlin in WRBRKR still itches at me. Could have been done better. I always wished I could give Ham more time in Mistborn. But I canít think of anyone I donít like. When I write as someone, as oily as they are, I see life as them.

Fiirvoen: What is your favorite book that you've written and had published?
Iíd pick MISTBORN 3 if I had to. But TGS and KINGS are both better than it is.

Feifner: Who is your favorite character from The Way of Kings?
Favorite character is Lightsong. I had long wanted to do a character who would have fit in an Oscar Wilde play.
If you want to cast Rupert Everett as Lightsong in your head, feel free. [Mistake on Brandon's part? This was the closest match I found.]

onelowerlight: You've obviously read many fantasy authors, but which SF authors have been major influences in your career?
Iíd say that my biggest SF influences are Asimov and Vinge. I love Asimovís plots. I love Vingeís worlds.

joshuapatrao: Have you thought about publishing a short story collection in the future? Would Tor do it? Donít expect this for many years. And it might end up at a smaller specialty press.

pmrbluepat: Can we hang out sometime? I'll just sit and watch you write, maybe even bring a fruit cake over.Thoughts?
Ha.Well, that would be...odd. But I go out to dinner with readers while on tour, if they get a group together.

mossjon: Loving Warbreaker! How do you write women characters so well?
A mixture of helpful women friends and a lot of early failures. †Iíve found the biggest problem with writing the opposite gender comes when you add them simply be a love interest. Nobody is just a love interest in their own minds. Make them a character first, a plot device second.
Even Elantis had a great woman character. So you must be hiding the early failures. :) And that is why/how you succeed so well. Kudos!
Early failures were in the books that didnít get published. (White Sandís female lead was cringe-worthy.)

joshuapatrao: Do you read Stephen King? Also, which fantasy tomes would you absolutely recommend reading?
King is amazing. Truly a brilliant writer. If anyone hasnít read, try The Stand or a short story collection. †I suggest NAME OF THE WIND, DRAGONSBANE, or anything by Pratchett. Particualrly THE TRUTH. I like Jordan (duh) McCaffrey and Rawn a lot too. Williamsís SORROW AND THORN is great. Others: Tigana, or anything by Kay really, Sabriel by Nix, and the Golden Compass are all excellent.

padmeamanda: As a RJ fan who has never read any of your literature, which of your books should I start reading today?
Iíd suggest MISTBORN first. WARBREAKER wouldnít be a bad place to start either, as itís a stand alone. Mistborn (the first book is called The Final Empire) is a complete trilogy. RJ readers tend to like series. ;).

goldeneyes05: Do you ever take a break? seems like your always doing something.
Went out to dinner with my wife for our anniversary last night. Does that count? The truth is, I love what I do. So if I have time when Iím not doing something else, I work on books.

pfchristopher: Now that you've published more, what order should people read your books in? Both Fntsy & non-fntsy readrs
Non fantasy readers Iíd give Elantris to first. Fantasy readers Iíd give Mistborn to

starrylites: When working with new characters, how do you keep their voices straight in the early writing?
It can be hard. I often have to rewrite my first chapters after the book is finished. Practice by having four very different character ride through the same town, but see very different things.
starrylites: Thanks, Brandon! I think I"m going to have to do just that on my currently project; having character meshing problems.

JasonMichelsen: What music have you been listening to while writing AMoL?
Daft Punk, George Winston, Will Ackerman, OC Remix, Enya, Fotheringham, and Metallica. Among others.

ren833: What is the most important part of writing that you have learned to be a successful author?
1) Persistence. 2) Revision. 3) Characters with distinct viewpoints. 4) Use of concrete detail.

goddessladyj: Will you come back to Nebraska soon, please??
Coming to Nebraska next year to be Guest of Honor at a sf convention. April, I think.

chrisoubre: what is the largest battle you ever fought with your editor?
It was about Lightsong. He and I disagreed on some of the humor. Oddly, we were both right. He was claiming Lightsong wasnít funny. What he meant was that I was allowing the humor to undermine setting. We came to a balance, and I think that Lightsong is much better for it.

mysterylover12: Where do you get your inspiration? I always have trouble finding things to write about
Itís different for everyone. From me, history books help a lot. Try a favorite movie, then at a pivotal point, ask what would happen if it had gone the opposite way.

Cearafetu: Will you come to the DC area some time?
I will be at the DC areas, signing at the Bailyís Crossroads Borders, this November for the WoT book release

briansturner: Warbreaker was great, do you feel it benefited from online publishing? & would you publish that way again? It struck me that online pub is a great way to start a series, the first book is free then we are hooked.
I donít know if it helped, but it certainly didnít hurt. Iíll do it again, probably for the WRBRKR sequel.

bcpeterson: What advice do you give students in your classes about writing? Opinions on 'elements of style'?
Whew. I donít know if I can cover writing advice that extensive on a twitter Q&A. Most of my classroom advice ends up in my writing podcast, Writing Excuses.

joshuapatrao: Would you ever, if given the chance, do screenwriting, for television or for a film?
For instance, I did the initial screenplay concept treatments for ALCATRAZ VS. THE EVIL LIBRARIANS. Thatís what got the book sold to Dreamworks Animation. (2013, hopefully. Fingers crossed.) I might do other film screenplays. Not really interested in Television.

nethspace: so, I've seen a scheduled event in Phoenix, AZ this November. Any chance of Flagstaff? Afraid Pheonix is the closest Iíll get to Flagstaff for now. Tor wants to see the turnout in Phoenix first before we go to other places in the state.

JasonMichelsen: What is your typical daily wordcount as far as new material goes?
It varries. 10 pages is still my goal. I usually hit it, and sometimes do much more. I write faster at the end of a book than the beginning. Also, some days I write four or five hours--some days I write fourteen or sixteen. Pretty consistently, Iíve done around 300k words a year for the last few years. Last year I pushed very hard and got around 400k.

Danbarbour: Out of everything that you have written, what would you say is your favorite and/or most proud of?
The Gathering Storm is, by far, the best--and most difficult--thing Iíve written. Itís what Iím most proud of. For what is published, though, WRBRKR has the best writing of anything Iíve done.

cancer_moon: what's next for you after finishing TWOT? any new worlds in store, or going back to your other ones?
Next is getting WoT 13&14, along with the final Alcatraz book. After that, WoK 2 Then, finally, Iíll be able to do some new worlds. Iíve got two in particular I really want to visit.

mnehring: How many new story ideas do you get in a year? How many do you act on?
About one or two of those end up as books. But each book is a combination of a dozen or more ideas.

cancer_moon: what author inspired you the most in your writing?
Would it be cliched to say Robert Jordan? Because...well, it was Robert Jordan.

chaunceymeade: Any advice for a wannabe writer?
Listen to Writing Excuses for more detail

nethspace: So, what do you think of Dot's term ďBrandy SandorowĒ = Brandon Sanderson + Cory Doctorow?
Oh, boy. Brandy Sanderow? Sounds like a hobbit name.

Danbarbour: I just finished warbreaker and need a new book to read.I always have trouble picking a book.Any suggestions
Gave some book suggestions below. If you havenít read Pratchett, Guards Guards is another good place to begin. I liked SERVANT OF A DARK GOD, coming out from Tor next month, I believe. Also, Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell and A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge are great.

DigLazarusDig86: how do you group different ideas into one solid story?
Look for conflict. Take the ideas, and try to make them intersect at points of conflict. Donít let something happen that isnít personal and important to at least one of the viewpoint characters.

Meeeeech: Which magic system of yours would you be most inclined to use? (Also include channeling!)
Probably Feruchemy. The memorization potential would help me be a better writer.

joshuapatrao: Do you think you'll ever develop a language like Tolkien did? Elantris might count, actually, I'm not sure.
Maybe. I did a lot of that in White Sand, which didnít get published. Iíll do more for other books.

greywanderer: Has your Mormon upbringing consciously affected the recurring religious themes of your work?
Iíd say it is more subconscious. Iím fascinated by religion, all types, because of my upbringing. Thatís why you see religion as an antagonist in my books. Also, my religion has shaped how I see morality--and therefore, how many of my characters do.

pmrbluepat: Any movie deals on the horizon?... I would particularly like to see WRBRKR.
I have movies in the works for both Mistborn and Alcatraz.

ScottTRogers: How do you set up your workday for writing and getting all of your other "work" done?
I try to break it up and do things in several hour chunks. Writing during some, email others. The honest truth is, I usually end up ignoring other stuff and just writing. This is why I need an assistant.

RedefineBeauty: are you going to do a tour in the midwest ever? *Cough*cough* chicago *cough*cough*
Hopefully! My publicist is watching this, so maybe your plea will encourage her....

raveire: what do you think the relationship between governent and religion is?
I like separation of church and state because it protects all of us. But I like it best when religion stays out of politics directly.

txkyle: Any chances you'll do any future book-signing tours in Texas? (Houston, please!)
I will be there 2011, as I mentioned. ;)

Ethan1072: What do you do to relax?
Also, the funny thing is, writing IS relaxing for me. (Which makes me just about the luckiest guy ever.)

yagiz: Which one comes first? The story or the setting (world, races, magic sys, etc) or do they emerge together?
 It depends on the book. For Mistborn, setting was first. For Warbreaker, characters. Itís very hard to pinpoint, though, since I donít start writing until Iíve developed all three.

Ryshon: what kind of avg pagecount were you able to put out daily when working as a part time writer?
I was a special case, as I intentionally picked a job where I could write at work. I shot for 2000 words a day. I suggest to new writers that 2k a week be a minimum. That gives you a book in about a year.

mysterylover12: Are you doing any signings in SLC soon?
Iíll be in Provo the 11th and SLC sometime in August.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Chat with Brandon on Twitter RIGHT NOW
« on: July 09, 2009, 05:27:30 AM »
Here are the questions and answers from Brandon's Tweet the Author. Major spoiler questions/answers are in red.

Way of Kings Questions

kikastrophe: Any idea how many books will be in the series?
Tor asked me not to lock myself into a length. But I plotted KINGS at 10 books.

Alphashard: It is difficult to think of questions that don't deal with the plot! Will there be romance in WoK?
Yes. Two of them, actually.

Theodor89: What tone will "The Way of Kings" have? Darker or Lighter then your previous work?
My goal is to blend some of the wit in WARBREAKER with darker edge of Mistborn. It certainly wonít be lighter. But there should be moments when you laugh. The greatest authors out there--RJ and Martin come to mind--can do both at the same time.

HalBrandenburg: can reveal anything about the setting in Kings?
The setting with be the most unique Iíve done. Entirely new ecology. The world is hit by a huge hurricane every few days. Everything has evolved to deal with that. There is no soil, just rock, and even plants have thick shells they can withdraw into.

kikastrophe: So, is Kings in any way like your other books? Shall we expect an unexpected twist?
KINGS is like my books in some ways. But in order to be grand as a series, it had to start--oddly--more humbly. Yes, there are twists. I wrote it so that the epilogue redefines the entire book and series. Each of the 4 viewpoints has an epilogue. Much as RJ had huge prologues, this series will have huge epilogues. Those epilogues, like the Elantris first lines, are intended to be ĎBANGí moments.

goddessladyj: Any idea when The Way of Kings will be published?
KINGS will be coming out in September or August of next year.

kqrpnb: Brandon, how do you think WoK will read as a complete set with your voice in the last books? Did you plan ahead for that?
Short answer is yes. Weíll see if I can pull it off. Original plans for my series was for a 36 book arc. I thought that would intimidate readers. ;) But the secret answer is this: People ask for an Elantris sequel. There is one. It is called Mistborn.

rhPieces: Elantris and Mistborn had darker settings, Warbreaker lighter. Where does WAY OF KINGS fall?
Closer to Mistborn.

Wheel of Time Questions

Banvard:Snake or the Fox?
Fox. They look cooler.
All my gold on the Fox beating the game for only a ta'veren can cheat at the unbeatable. Cough, Mat
Maybe the answer should have been ďFox or Snake? Neither. Raven.Ē ;)

eliyannakaiser: How goes loverboy's Min/[Elayne]/Aviendha thingee? And which girl would you go with?
Itís interesting, as could be expected. Iíd pick Min for me, but Avi for Rand. Know that RJ was very clear on how that whole thing was to end up. So no guesswork by me. (whew).

kqrpnb: Brandon, how do you think WoT will read as a complete set with your voice in the last books? Did you plan ahead for that?
I tried very hard. The characters should read right, the plot should read right. I think it will read cohesive. These books will not go off on random tangents. In fact, Iím hoping that the narrative will feel like a shift back toward 4/5/6, which are my favorite WoT books.

chrisoubre: any talks of writing other novels based on Robert Jordan's world: The Age of Legends, the 4th age...?
RJ was very uncomfortable with the idea of people writing in his world. I want to respect that. You might see the Outriggers or the two prequels he planned to write. But no age of legends or Hawkwing. At least, that has been my suggestion to Harriet. It is her call.
Graendal: Yes! Please do what you can to get the prequels or outriggers published once you've finished writing AMoL.

Isabelsedai: Will there be an Intro (explanation) at TGS? Which explains 3 books for people who aren't online?
I wrote a foreword for the book explaining my involvement and the three book split. We were going to have Harriet do it, but the time grew tight, so I did it and had her revise it.

HalBrandenburg: Did you kill Asmodean?
Yes. Twice. WITH MY MIND.

joshuapatrao: Can you offer us anything at all on the status of The Eye of the World movie?
I donít have much time to keep an eye (no pun intended) on the movie too closely. The producer was at JordanCon, though, and I was put at ease somewhat by speaking with him. As far as I know, itís still in preproduction an in the scriptwriting stage. When they have a script, Iíll ask if I can read it. Maria, RJís assistant, is in charge of that.† Iíve got my hands full writing the books!

Banvard: Was there any character you disliked writing within the Wheel of Time universe?
As an author, you get very good at being inside someoneís head. And so itís hard to dislike writing anyone. That said, thereís a certain Cadsuane scene that--when I read the notes--I didnít look forward to.

timee1989: Will you also work on the other two prequels?
It would be almost as hard to let someone else do it as it would be to let them do a Mistborn book. But Harriet and Tor seem more interested in the Outriggers right now. Weíll see.

Graendal: How do you feel about the degeneration of Rand and Egwene's relationship? Could Amyrlin and Dragon work?
I think it was one of the best things RJ did. It played with our expectations in a great way. And I think Rand has his hands plenty full right now without adding Egwene back in. They have gone different directions in life. It was quite well done, though sad.

Congo_Red_Jr: congrats dude! isn't it custom to celebrate? You should tell us who killed Asmodean as celebration! =P
Iíll tell Asmodeanís killer in one of the books, I promise.

Congo_Red_Jr: Will we see the Dark One in WoT? Will he walk the earth and physically fight with Rand & Co?
I canít tell you for certain about the Dark One. There WILL be a confrontation, though. The last seals will be broken. I think youíll be pleased, but my contract forbids me from saying anything more specific.

Warbreaker Questions

jeremy208: Can we expect any short stories set in the Warbreaker world anytime soon?
 Short stories in WRBRKR world are unlikely. Iím working on some MISTBORN ones, though.
 If I were going to do more WRBRKR, Iíd just write the sequel, NIGHTBLOOD.

Graendal: A question that's been on my mind for a while. If Returned can't have children, how are Siri and Vivenna descended from one?
Excellent question. One I have to RAFO. When I was writing WRBRKR, I was planning on two books.
I seeded two questions to be answered in the next book. One was the origin of the royal family.
The second was how Vasher was able to survive while hiding his divine Breath. I will answer these questions.
Eventually. (It has to do with restoring Breath and life to the child while still in the womb.).

Thistledown: When will the Kindle version of Warbreaker be released?
I wish I could answer that. Amazon always takes its sweet time getting my books in Kindle format. Weíve been bugging them. Hopefully soon. Itís annoying to not have one up for sale yet.

jeremy208: Is Clod Arsteel?
greywanderer: I second jeremy208's question, Is Clod Arsteel?
Yes. [Note: confirmed by Ookla]

Graendal: Did you ever notice how similar Graendal and Blushweaver are in personality?
I didnít until I started work on the WoT book. I wrote WRBRKR years before I was offered the WoT. I noticed and laughed. RJís books are dug pretty deeply into my subconcious. I think theyíre very different as characters, but Graendal was obviously an influence on Blushweaver. [sic]

scarplat: at the end of warbreaker you said that they split up their breaths, how if they can only do all at once?
I talk about this in the annotations. But Denth was lying to Vivenna at that point.

onelowerlight: What first gave you the idea for Warbreaker? What was your first inspiration for it?
WRBRKR came from a lot of sourcres. Siri and Vivenna were side characters in a book I never finished. Vasher came from the line that starts the book. No space to post it here, but give it a read. Nightblood came because...well, I just wanted to have a talking sword.

Graendal: Do you know when the audio version of Warbreaker will be released?
Like ELANTIRS, there will be two audio version of WRBRKR. Performed and straight read. Both are in production. Dramatic is coming October Looks like unabridged is October too.

jddennis: I was wondering why you chose to capitalize the "b" & the "c" in BioChromatic.
To be honest, it just looked better that way. I thought it made the word easier to read. Might be my Korean language study influencing me.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker: Free Ebook
« on: July 07, 2009, 08:26:18 PM »
Actually, I'm pretty sure the statues were not lifeless, but awakened objects. It is simply a regular statue with bones arrayed inside, and an Awakener has to Awaken the bones with a command, giving them enough breath to be strong enough to manipulate the body as their own, much the same way that Awakened objects are stronger than their original parts and pieces. (Or maybe it's more similar to Vasher's straw men in the Prologue, Awakening something (the stone) with fewer breaths because of the human focus (the bones.))

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Questions to pester Brandon with?
« on: June 20, 2009, 03:01:38 AM »
I have a few random questions I would like answered sometime.

1. In one of Brandon's blog posts, he showed part of a listing of the Allomantic metals, their names, symbols, and the sounds (that at least Isaac) associated with them. Is Brandon ever planning on releasing the full list? (Blog post link is:! for those who are curious.)

2. What would happen if one Allomantically Burned or Feruchemically Tapped a Hemalurgically Imbued metal? (Or used a Feruchemical storage for Hemalurgy, for that matter . . . .)

Mistborn Spoilers
3. If the Lord Ruler (Or any similar personage) used Aluminum to burn away their metals, what would the effect be on their Feruchemical stores within those metals? (Would they just go away? Would they be instantly tapped for massive power? Could it be used as a well to sink excess Feruchemical power into?)

Warbreaker Spoilers
4. If Denth had given in and let Vasher erase part of his memories, would Denth still have the skills he had learned during the forgotten time?

End Spoilers

And if you don't get a chance to ask them all, don't worry about it. I'll get around to asking him them eventually.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker :: Release Party :: Extras
« on: June 03, 2009, 11:30:44 PM »
I'll be there, maybe by myself, maybe with a friend.

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