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I really like that one a lot, but I always mentally associate Preservation with the color white. Mist-Vin is a bit too dark in my opinion.

Actually that passage reads that Vin was white above Elend but Ruin was Dark in the area. He might be dipicting that. The one factuall error i see is that no Inquisitors (with the exception of Marsh) were there during the fight. However, givin the epic of the painting i think we can let that slide.

lol!  Yah, I was painting based purely on my emotional reaction to the scene, and from memory, so some accuracies did slide. 

Thanks for compliments guys.

Thanks. <3

Thought I'd post this up where the majority of Mistborn fans might see it.  I'm a die-hard fan of this series, and I finally got an excuse to do a bad-ass fanart for it.   This might be a bit spoilerific for people, and gory, so beware.

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